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Chitrakoot Award for Best Primary Teachers: Every year Chitrakoot Dam Talgajarda, Ta. Mahuva, Dist. The teacher is honored with the 'Chitrakoot Award' at Bhavnagar at the hands of Pujya Moraribapu with a dedicated spirit for the holistic development of schools and children in the primary schools of the state.

About Chitrakoot Award -  ...
The Chitrakoot Award for the current year - 2019 will be measured in January - 2020. From this year, the award will be given to Pujya Moraribapu to all the districts (including District Pune and Municipality, District Wise Mac). Forms are sent to the President / General Secretary of each District Primary Teachers' Union and the State Hodedarshree. District Wise 3 (Three) Kyle must be sent in the Expert Form. The files are signed with the recommendation of the President of the District Union - Minister of Labor - Coins. Right? Pvt. Sh. Sangh's office "Chanakya" at Gandhinagar We will send it by 3-5. To receive this award, consider the following:

Chitrakut Award for Teachers, Rules and Application form: 
• The teacher has to take at least 5 years of employment for this award.
 (State or national award received and the CRCR / BRC and State, District or Taluka Sangh Hodadarshir do not propose for the award.)
• The form prescribed by the State Sangh for this award has been given to the District Primary Teachers Union President - General Secretary and the State Holders. Which request to receive from them.
• Do not place unnecessary certificates of proprietary qualifications - certificates in the file.
• Do not include unnecessary notes of daily activities of the school.
• Only district and state level certificates should be included.
• Talukas - To base the work done at the district level or state level.
• Include only the candidate's name or presence in the school's photos or certificates.
• Things that are not supplemented with this operation - do not leave writing, writing. In the school, to present the basis of works, researches, articles, camps, etc., which are conducive to out-of-school education, and to place certificates for those who have received local training.
• Teacher profile. P. F . Do not display unnecessary details like PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Blood Group, Bank Account etc. General Chat Chat Lounge

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Download Chitrakut Award form for Teachers, Rules and Application form

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