Dhoran 3 thi 8 na vidhyarthio ne Vachan Xamata vadharva 100 divas nu Mission, Read News report

100-day mission to enhance reading ability for students in classes 3 to 8 Read News Report

Dhoran 3 thi 8 na vidhyarthio ne Vachan Xamata vadharva 100 divas nu Mission, by News report : STD 3 TO 8 NA VIDHARTHIO NE VACHAN XAMATA VADHARAVA 100 DIVAS NU MISHAN AAVASE

After Diwali Vacation, campaign will be launched in government schools. This 100-day mission is being prepared to enhance the reading ability of students in grades 3 through 8. A 100-day reading campaign will be launched immediately after the Diwali vacation to increase the speed of reading and grading of the children of grades 3 through 8 of Government Primary School, Gujarat State. For this, special textual content prepared by GCERTA will be sent to the schools. Paragraphs prepared by GCERT will be sent to schools for the campaign.

For this reason GCERT has been specially planned by the Department of Education to ensure that children read, write and compute digits in elementary schools. Typically, children will read correctly, know the meaning of the material being read, and will often prepare the student for understanding what the meaning behind the text is.

It happens that often children read quickly, but they do not understand the meaning. Such students' reading speed is so low that when they reach the third word in reading, the first word is forgotten. In this case he reads, but does not understand its meaning. During the 100-day reading expedition, children will be taught to analyze reading material. For this, GCERT has prepared small paragraphs, which will be sent to each of the schools and teachers will have to give their children the knowledge of reading. After the campaign, students will be tested in all schools.

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