Ekam Kasoti Timetable 3 to 8 (sem-2) by GCERT official 2019-20 - download pdf

Ekam Kasoti Timetable 3 to 8 (sem-2) by GCERT official 2019-20 - download pdf

Ekam kasoti (Unit Test) Approach Explanation: Unit tests have been organized to evaluate the quality of classroom teaching work done by teachers in standard 3 to 5 and 6 to 8. Gujarat, Mathematics, Environment, Science, Social Sciences, Sanskrit, English and Hindi subjects will be covered in unit tests in standard 3 to 8. The unit will be tested for 60 minutes for 25 marks of the subject matter specified in the planning date.

PAT Timetable 2019-20 (Sem-2) for std 3 to 8:
Hindi and Sanskrit tests in standard 6 to 8 have to be taken in one day. In order to maintain harmony, one must first take the Hindi test and then the Sanskrit test. During the first semester students will have to write the answer to the second semester tests in the 'Unit Test Notebook' provided. The unit test is also planned to measure the teacher and student's classroom teaching-teaching process.

Ekam Kasoti Timetable 3 to 8 (sem-2)
Ekam Kasoti Timetable 3 to 8 (sem-2)

• Implementation of the unit test at a specific time according to standard, subject and date in each block and cluster of each school in the district. Planning that the test be completed within the stipulated time limit in the schools of each block on the day of the unit test.

• Planning that the unit is properly tested by the test teacher at least a week after the test is taken. Make their data entry within 15 days after the unit test.
• delivering a soft copy of the unit test on time to schools. (Via BRC - CRC Co)

1) Role of TPO in Unit Testing:
• Planning for each school schedule and unit test on a timely basis.
• Establish contingency monitoring of schools and conduct simulations during unit testing. Receive feedback and suggestions on unit tests with principals and teachers to reach the district.

2) In the unit test BRC, BRP (all), CRC Co. O Role of:
• delivering a soft copy of the unit test on time to schools. (Via CRC Co)
• To ensure that the unit test is planned according to the schedule.
• Provide instruction and guidance on how to properly test the unit by the school teacher.
• Continually take care to ensure that unit tests are planned according to the guidance received from district and state level.

3) Role of the Principal in the unit test: - Provide appropriate guidance by meeting staff for the unit test
 • After the unit test - discuss the results of that topic with the teacher, student and guardian and carry out planning for better results.
• Make their data entry within 3 days after the unit test.

4) The role of the teacher in the unit test:
• Take the unit test on time.
• The date on which the unit is tested will be asked in the next week's course test, so that the unit completes their scheduled course on the test date.
• Adjust the standard unit test seating arrangements to take into account the number of students.
• Organizing students to perform writing tasks quietly during unit tests. • Examine the test within a week, giving the student the signature of the guardian.
• Assist the Principal in facilitating data entry within 15 days after verification.

After completing the unit test, it will be necessary to carry out the test work and re-evaluate the student by taking note of the unit test notebook in the unit test notebook which is considered to be raw.

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Ekam Kasoti Timetable 3 to 8 (sem-2) by GCERT official 2019-20 - pdf

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