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SAS Gujarat Portal na 18 Mudda ni mahiti Shikshako Mate, (Information on Total - 3 issues on SAS Gujarat Portal)

SAS Gujarat Portal na 18 Mudda ni mahiti Shikshako Mate; (Information on Total - 3 issues on SAS Gujarat Portal)

 This important decision has been taken after deliberations on the loss of farmers' crops due to rain at a meeting of the state cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani, at Gandhinagar today.  According to the Central Government's Calimity Relief Fund, where crop loss is more than 33%, there is an increase of Rs.  13,500 and per hectare in non-irrigated crops.  6,800 assistance will be paid.  Shri Patel added that due to heavy rains and deficient rains this year, due to heavy rainfall in some districts of the state during the month of July - August - September, as well as loss of farmers crops in late October and first week of November, the work of the state government was initiated.  That is nearing perfection.

SAS Gujarat Portal na 18 Mudda
SAS Gujarat Portal na 18 Mudda

SAS Gujarat Portal na 18 Mudda
 Apart from this, the state government has also decided to assist farmers who have suffered loss to farmers' crop in the short-term rainfall survey but the loss rate is less than 33%.  700 crores will be provided with central and state government assistance. In addition, farmers who take out insurance under the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme will get separate benefits as per the guidelines of crop insurance scheme.

 Due to the stagnation of groundnut, the purchase was postponed at the support price of groundnut. It will be resumed from next November 18th. Due to the good monsoon in the state, the area of ​​cotton, groundnut, paddy, pulses and pulses are well proportioned in the area of ​​86.7 lakh ha.  More than 90 lakh bales of cotton groundnut more than 1 lakh metric tons, paddy more than 2 million metric tons and Diwali 14 lakh.  The production is estimated to be more than five metric tons

Concerning distribution of linguistic literature and science self-study.

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 According to the above mentioned subject,  C.  E.  R .  T  Reading literature for Standard 3 - 8 prepared by the Department of Literary Literature and science subjects for Standard 6 - 8 by the office here.  Right?  Why.  Pa.  Pu  Mandal will be delivered to all talukas of the state through Gandhinagar.

 In all the talukas of your district, the above mentioned literature, as shown in the accompanying leaflet, is given on the priority of the central government schools of the talukas / K.  G.  B.  V / Model and Model Day Schools as well as Ashram Schools are requested to provide relevant information from your level to arrange distribution as per the literature available.

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SAS Gujarat Portal na 18 Mudda ni mahiti Shikshako Mate; (Information on Total - 3 issues on SAS Gujarat Portal)

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