Ekam Ksoti paripatra for std 9-10 (Sem-2, 2019-20) by GCERT, Date-26/11/2019

Ekam Ksoti paripatra for std 9-10 (Sem-2, 2019-20) by GCERT, Date-26/11/2019

std 9-10 Ekam kasoti babat paripatra: Conducting unit tests in Government and Granted Secondary Schools. General Chat Chat Lounge

Periodical Assessment test std. 9-10 :  According to the above subject, periodic Assessment Test (unit test) is scheduled to be conducted during the current academic session as in the first semester for academic quality checking and enhancement of the standard 9 and 10 students of Government and Granted Secondary School in the state. As part of this, unit tests of various subjects will be conducted from 30-11-2019 as per the planning involved with this.

Ekam Kasoti Paripatra 9 to 10:As per the above planning, the unit test course to be conducted will be from the day of the test to the next week. As per the plan, relevant question papers for the unit test of that day will be sent to all the District Education Officers and all District Primary Education Officers at their official e-mail address two days before the test date. Each district received a questionnaire the day before the test, which is relevant to that school. O And CRC COO. To be delivered via softcopy. Throughout this process, it is necessary to take every personal care to ensure the confidentiality of the question papers at all stages. As per the above plan, following guidelines are to be followed for the unit test to be conducted in all Government and Granted Secondary Schools of the State.

Ekam Ksoti Timetable Babate: (9 to 10 PAT Paripatra)
• The unit test is to be conducted in all Government, RMSA, Model Schools, Model and Granted Schools. The principal of the school will have to make arrangements for the students to receive the test papers in a personal hardcopy. The school will have to pay for the hard copy of the student's question paper which it will have to cover under the Composite School Grant Head of the school. General Chat Chat Lounge Students will have to answer the questions in their unit test notebook. For this, each student will have to create a separate notebook for the unit test. Which will be for unit test writing only.

Ekam kasoti online Marks Entry:
• After the completion of the unit test of that day, on day 7 of the unit test, the subject teacher who properly examines the unit test of all the students, will have to give the student a chance to look after his / her guardian and return it to the guardian. General Chat Chat Lounge The class teacher of that standard will have to maintain all the marks of all the subject matter of all the students in their class by getting the subject from the teacher.

Ekam Kasoti Time:
• After the unit test of that subject, the concerned subject teacher will have to perform the therapy as per requirement. If the unit is on leave on the day the unit is scheduled for the test, then the test will be held on the next working day. Teachers must tell the students of each class in advance the date, subject and chapter of the unit test. So that students can make the necessary preparations for the unit test.

• Each test will be 3 marks and students will have to give themselves 5 minutes to write their answers.

• If the school hours are morning, the unit test time will be 9:30 to 10:15 hours. In schools where time is afternoon, unit test time will be from 13:00 to 13:45 hours.

• KGBV Except for Government School, other than Government School (a unit test for girls studying in a Granted or Private School which will be taken and checked by the KGBV tuition teacher after returning from school in KGBV. District / Taluka / Cluster for effective implementation as per unit test plan. There will be intensive monitoring from the language.

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Ekam Ksoti paripatra for std 9-10 (Sem-2, 2019-20)

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