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Teacher Verification on SAS Gujarat, Step by Step Guideline Video

Teacher Verification on SAS Gujarat, Step by Step Guideline Video

This Video Useful For All Teachers for online SAS verification
The following evaluation activities should be done while teaching each unit.  • Identify, read and write the alphabet.  • Identify the alphabet and do 1 around it.  • Attach the same alphabet.  • Combine Hindi and Gujarati alphabet.  • Look at the picture and place it around the alphabet before its name.  • Type the missing alphabet.  • Complete the alphabet color by pairing the dots.  • Find the alphabet shown in D and move it around 1.  • Read and write words.  • Write the Gujarati alphabet below the Hindi alphabet.  • Write Hindi alphabet below Gujarati alphabet.  • Practice the Hindi alphabet and write the missing letter.  • Look at the picture and write its name in Hindi.  • Write Gujarati meaning of Hindi words.  • Write Hindi words in Gujarati words.  • Find the alphabet from the line and put 2 above it.  • Words - Sentences - Read the steps and write in beautiful letters.  Please practice.  • Write Hindi number against Gujarati number.  • Write Gujarati number against Hindi number.  • Calculate the correct digit around the picture.  • Identify the picture and put the missing alphabet to complete the word.  • Create a sentence using the given word.

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First Semester - Second Semester Standard - 1) List of Evaluative Activities Monthly Annual Planning Personality Developmental Extracurricular Activities Types of Questions for Written Assessment Examination Guidance and Evaluation Structure Allocation of Grammar, Essay Writing and Experiments Representative Capabilities / Objectives for Creative Evaluation

What to do if there is an error in the name in the mark sheet or other document?  > For the nomination, surname, date of birth or any other mistake, get a 20 rupee affidavit (from the office in Notary) »Take your photo / Aadhar card with the affidavit.

Teacher Verification on SAS Gujarat, Step by Step Guideline Video