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CRC Khali Jagyao par HTAT ne Charge Aapva Babat paripatra, 13/12/2019

CRC Khali Jagyao pan HTAT ne Charge Aapva Babat paripatra, 13/12/2019

CRC Bharti Prakriya Hat Dharva babat Letter

CRC Co  Paripatra on carrying out the recruitment process from the deputy to the selection which is vacant in the taluka of the Ordinator.

 Under the whole education, the CRC in J Talukas of the district.  The recruitment process was carried out in November - 2019, by posting an online advertisement in October - 2019 to fill the vacancies of the Ordinator.

 Even after this recruitment process, CRC Co  The vacancies of the Ordinator are vacant, the vacancies in the Tata Ka as per the instructions given by the Hon'ble, Secretary, Primary and Secondary Education for the purpose of not interrupting the effective implementation of online monitoring and project due to the vacancies are as per the following policy.  Approval has been given that no CRC premises in the district should be vacant  Are asked to make.

 (1) Following the instruction of the letter referring to the district where the BRAN (other than Pragya Bima) is available, measure the selection of the place in the taluka of the district where the vacant CRC is located.

 (2) Due to the cluster merger due to the newly created CRC under Cluster Regignation following the process of (1) above which the CRC Co.  The ordinator has to go back as a teacher and presently Pvt.  If the teacher working as a teacher has an empty CRC in his native taluka and voluntarily agrees to come to that place, then obtaining his consent, which is the vacant CERC of that original taluka.  Place selection procedure for deployment of space.

 (3) After the above - (2) process, which reduces education in the taluka.  The teacher overlay increases as the teacher's overlay increases, with the consent of the teachers of standard 1 to 5, or teachers of grade 6 to 8 (excluding mathematics and science subjects), the oldest of the H - TAT head teachers who get their consent.  Place selection procedure for deputation to the vacant CRC premises of the original taluka.  The CRC Co.  O New CRC Co.  O  CRC will call for more time until it becomes available or if it wishes.  O  Must be assigned as.

 Following the policy outlined in the above premises (1) to rank - (3), the CRC recruitment committee for CRC recruitment organized a place selection camp immediately according to the CRC Co-ordination at the vacant CRC of that taluka.  O  By completing the procedure for appointment of the deputed as of 20/12/2019, it will have to send the filled CRC name, mobile number link details and the list with the name of the CRC vacant in Tal Tal Kawar by the same evening.

 Enclosure: List of details

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CRC Khali Jagyao pan HTAT ne Charge Aapva Babat paripatra, 13/12/2019