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Head Teachers (HTAT) Vadh Ghat Camp Babat Paripatra - Patan

Head Teachers (HTAT) Vadh Ghat Camp Babat Paripatra - Patan

Paripatra by - Patan Jilla Shixan Samiti
Paripatra Date - 10/12/2019

Regarding the increase in the rate of increase of Head Teacher (HTAT), the Circular of Patan District Education Committee: The subject for the above subject, subject to the provisions of Resolution I-1, as per the suggestion of the letter-5, the head teacher of the Patan district, the camp for the transfer of degradation is kept on the following date:  General Chat Chat Lounge

HTAT Vadh Ghat camp Date & Time:
HTAT Vadh Ghat camp Date & Time
HTAT Vadh Ghat camp Date & Time

 So the provisions of Resolution-1 and the instruction of Annexure-2 are said to be available to the Head Teacher to be present at the following place and time.

HTAT Vadh ghat camp Instructions:
  •  This form is given in the form of replacement of the murderer in the application of the prescribed sample of the rising head teacher.
  •  The copy, filled in the remaining details in the form, will have to be submitted at the time of the camp, with the Chief Teacher and the concerned Taluka Primary Education Officer.
  • The head teacher count as a murderer will not be counted more than the head teacher who is currently working in the school which is not sanctioned this year and who is currently working as head teacher (direct recruitment).
  •  If the rising teacher is not present at the camp, then the vacancy will be ordered at the camp.  And later no objection will be accepted.
  • The chosen place in the camp will not be changed at any cost later.
  •  The Head Teacher who is currently working as a S (S) and if the current is falling, they will have to attend the camp.
  •  The school is not growing at present and Mu.  Sh.  (SI) At the school that performs the duties.  Sh.  Shri's place will not be blank.
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Head Teachers (HTAT) Vadh Ghat Camp Babat Paripatra - Patan