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HTAT Vadh Ghat Badli Camp na Hukamo Karva Ane Amlikaran Mateni Suchanao no Letter

HTAT Head Teachers Instructions on how to order and implement a camp change camp babat letter.

 Date-19/12/2019, To state the above subject, as per the instruction received from the letter of reference of State Election Commission, Gandhinagar - 1 and the order on the single file of reference - 2, the Head Instructor (HTAT) is given as follows:  Are given .  From this office.  4-12-2019 Letter from Head Teacher (HTAT) to change camp.  It has been instructed to do this from 19-12-2019 to 21-11-2019.  State Election Commission, Gandhinagar  The circular dated 2-12-2019 has declared by-elections for the 4 seats of the district panchayat and 41 seats of the taluka panchayat in the above mentioned districts.
 There is also the possibility of assigning employees who have been transferred to the polls.  Considering this, candidates will have to make site selection only in respect of camps in the above 24 districts.  But order them to change.  They will not have to give up until 31-12-2019 and they will not have to be discharged from existing school.  In order to avoid unnecessary interruptions in the functioning of the Election Commission, it is said to implement this directive.  The rest of the District / Town Education Committee will have to complete the procedure of the camp for the change of the body as per the prescribed program.  The information as mentioned in the letter dated 4-12-2019 should be sent.  Is!  General Chat Chat Lounge

HTAT Vadh Ghat Badli Camp na Hukamo Karva Ane Amlikaran Mateni Suchanao no Letter

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