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Madhyamik Schoolo ma "Shala Siddhi Karyakram" Sharu karva babat SSA no paripatra

Madhyamik Schoolo ma "Shala Siddhi Karyakram" Sharu karva babat SSA no paripatra

Date - 10/12/2019

Circular regarding starting school achievement program in secondary school

 According to this circular, according to the above subject and reference, it has been decided to organize NEPA's Guideline Workshop Achievement Program in the Government and Granted Secondary Schools of the State in the current academic year.  School achievement in 6343 secondary schools, totaling 459 rmsa 72 models, 20 models, 2 kgbv and 5219 grants.  It has been reported to implement the program.

 Under the School Achievement Program, the program is a program to enhance the characteristics of the secondary schools by knowing the specific things and identifying the things that can be improved.  The program is built on the foundation of "EVALUATION FOR IMPROVEMENT" The program will be held in two disciplines.

 (1) self assessment and
 (2) Every secondary school involved in the external evaluation program by 15th January 2020

 All the details of self assessment will be uploaded on the School Achievement website www.shaalasiddhi.niepa.ac.In

 To Shala Siddhi karyakram website: Begin School Achievement Web Site ...
  •  The first thing to do is to click on www.shaalasiddhi.niepa.ac.In in the computer's web browser
  •  Then the school will have to click on the login button shown in the School Achievement website to login
  •  In which the school will have to login with username and password of the school in the user name
  •  And then fill in the details of the self evaluation domain
  •  Fill in the details can be found in the School Achievement website by clicking on the presentations in the Document menu and downloading the presentations in the school self - evaluation Gujarati.
  •  In addition, the guidelines prepared by NEPA under the School Achievement Program (included in the soft copy in English and Hindi language, along with those which will be communicated to the adjoining schools) will list all the schools in your taluka list by self-assessment by 15/1/2020.  Will have to be uploaded to the portal and informed by the office of Bahamalayan in coming time.  Action has to be taken accordingly.

 The grant is allocated at Rs 100 / - per school for the schools of their talukas listed at the initial stage, from the budget approved in the PAB to meet the stationary and other miscellaneous expenses for self-assessment and external evaluation implementation under the School Achievement Program.  The expenditure as per the rules will be maintained at the school level  School Achievement Program will be implemented must take note that every schoolboy

Madhyamik Schoolo ma "Shala Siddhi Karyakram" Sharu karva babat SSA no paripatra