PAT Online Marks Entry Link For Madhyamik School @

PAT Online Marks Entry Link For Madhyamik School @

Imp Points for Online "Unit Test Marks Entry" (P.A.T)

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Certificate of Instruction received by the Hon'ble Secretary (Education) regarding the commencement of online entry of the unit test (P.A.T) mark in Government Secondary Schools.

Ekam Kasoti Marks Enty for ssaexam : According to this paper, all the government secondary schools in the state were asked to initiate a unit test (P.A.T) for the students' quality of education and to take action on filling the marks obtained by the students online by the schools. In all Government Secondary Schools in your district (in Std. 9 and Std. 10), the marks of the students of the unit test (P.A.T) started during the current academic year should be updated in the online system by the school. As well as instructing all staff and schools regarding updating the marks for all future unit test (P.A.T) online systems.

Detailed information for the above operations is provided in the enclosure. All the schools will have to be informed by Mr. You will have to appoint one (1) employee of the district as the Samba Nodal Officer for the purpose of regulating the functioning as well. The note has received the approval of the Honorable Director.

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