Pragna Grant Paripatra, Varsh 2019-20 mate Pragna Pravruti Grant Babat paripatra

Pragna Grant Paripatra, Varsh 2019-20 mate Pragna Pravruti Grant Babat paripatra, 5/12/2019

Circular to allocate activity grants under Pragna class equipments in primary schools under the scheme of 2019-20, Government of Gujarat

 The 'Pragna Approach' has been implemented in whole Gujarat under the education system from June 2010 onwards.  According to the information received from Pragna schools from all the districts / corporations of the state, the state's current status  In total 37695 units of 1-2 total are working as per Pragna Approach.

 All the Pragna Literature required for the standard 1-2 is prepared by the members of the state's core team so that the teachers and children of the school connected with the pragna approach can work according to the process of orientation.  Essential material in prepared Pragna literature - Materials, T.  L .  like this .  Information on the reference literature is given as well.  In addition, there is a need for a variety of ancillary material for the activities provided in the Pragna literature, with the intention of educating the children in that subject and the ancillary activities as well as the children to move in a certain direction through various activities according to their interests and interests.  Collect and buy children from other sources  Is to provide adequate materials.

 Such as things like pencils, slatpans, rubber, conductors, cayenne color, sketchpen, glue, blank paper, colored paper, card sheets, folded paper, figurines, poisons, tildes, chandeliers, beads, portfolio bags, etc.  General Chat Chat Lounge  ).

 For this purpose, the proposal made under the relevant resolution has been approved under the Materials for Activities in Pragna Class in the Budget 2019-20 of the State Government for the necessary grants for Pragna teachers to produce / accommodate the required teaching materials and material.  Considering the total budget limit under the wages received under 'Pragna Class Activities Materials' for the content of activities in Pragna class in the current year's Budget of the State Government - as per the roll out for the Pratima approach as per the standard 1-2 unit of schools for education.  Rs.  As per 900, the activity will have to be deposited directly from the district corporation level to the bank account of the concerned SMC under the orders of the Accounting Branch here.

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Pragna Grant Paripatra, Varsh 2019-20 mate Pragna Pravruti Grant Babat paripatra, 5/12/2019
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