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Pragna Pravrutti Varshik Aayojan for std 1-2 | Pragna varg Ganit Subject Varshik Pravrutti Aayojan

Pragna Varg Maths (Ganit) Varshik Pravrutti Aayojan For Pragna std 1-2 Class, Useful For Samarth 2 Online Talim for Pragna Samarth 2 Online Projects. We want your Pragna classroom projects to be simplified based on the experience and reflection activities gained in this samarth 2 online Training program, and to adopt these new already learned things and methods, and to help students in their educational work. As you all know, the goal of this program is "Helping Students Learn, Through You" and through this "Samarth - 2 project for Pragna class 1-2" you will start implementing it.

Pragna Varshik Pravrutti Aayojan
Pragna Varshik Pravrutti Aayojan

Samarth 2 Mate Pragna Talim Project Upayogi Pravrutti nu Aayojan (std 1-2 Ganit)

1. Choose a learning outcome in which students are experiencing difficulty, you can decide on the basis of that student's unit test and session test.
2. Create a project based on your chosen learning outcome based on your needs.
3. Be aware that there should be activity in which children contribute more than a teacher and you should only act as a mentor.
4. Plan this activity accordingly and implement it in the classroom. You will get up to 2 weeks for your activity.
5. Take photos and videos of this activity and prepare the text as per the format given here. You will have to report the project in Gujarati.
6. Submit project report and photos at the end. You can also send us a link to the project work video. Sending a video link is not mandatory.
7. Each project will be evaluated by five other participating teachers and you will be sent feedback.
8. Any project which is effective in terms of quality and useful for other teachers will be made available to other teachers of Gujarat. So that other teachers can work for the students in the schools, also getting inspiration from your project work.

After proper verification of this project, it will be made available to other teachers through www.inshodh.org and through Google Application.

Your report structure and participation - What the evaluators are looking for during the evaluation is given in the following table. The quality standards report is the best. Goals not clearly stated Goals are clearly stated and related to learning - goals are clearly marked. Learning is related to teaching and provides information for action research. Only one or two sources of information Sources of information sufficient in the current classroom Many of the information in the current classroom is compared with many case studies (case studies) or other related sources.

(Eg last year's class, second grade school information in the school) Evaluation and Outcomes Results are not shown properly The results are shown by good descriptions and graphs, etc. Key findings emerge from the results. The information is clearly and accurately conveyed by good descriptions and graphs. Own classroom with regard to teaching learning. There is no related discussion discusses how the results of the classroom impact on their own learning, how much the results affect learning in their own classroom and discuss the learning in other schools. Identifies future questions as well.

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Pragna Pravrutti Varshik Aayojan for std 1-2 | Pragna varg Ganit Subject Varshik Pravrutti Aayojan