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School Inspector (SI) ne GCERT Dvara Gujarat School Quality Accreditation Council" (GSQAC) Hethal mukva babat paripatra

School Inspector (SI) ne GCERT Dvara "Gujarat School Quality Accreditation Council" (GSQAC) Hethal mukva babat paripatra

GCERT selects 72 teachers / head teachers as the [School Inspector] Academic (SI), along with the list under the control of the Director of Primary Education under the Gujarat School Quality Affiliation Council (GSQAC).

The top order puts them in charge of the GSOAC. They must perform their duties under the following conditions.

Scool Inspector (SI) Duty Terms:
  1. The GSQAC will have to make detailed orders of the work they will be doing.
  2. The GSQAC's instructions will have to be tightly implemented.
  3. S.I. They will have to return with immediate effect from the date on which any breach of discipline or disciplinary action will be taken and the GSQAC recommends repatriation. In such circumstances, they may be subject to disciplinary action against them.
  4. The salary of the head teacher / head teacher has to be paid at the school where he is currently working.
  5. This employee until the S.I. As long as they are on duty, they will have to fill that space.
  6. No other person can be appointed or replaced by that place. S.I. Any leave of head personnel during the duties of as GSQAC shall be approved by the authorized officer and shall be deemed to be approved by the regular authority.
  7. S.I. As such, the head teachers of the schools who have been selected will have to hand over the charge to the other teacher of the school and they will have to take full charge and accept the new function.
  8. The District Primary Education Officer / Government Officer concerned is referred to the GSOAC by the concerned staff of his district as per the order. A personal order will be made accordingly and the note will be sent to every taluka Pvt. Mr. has to be kept separately.
  9. At the end of each month, the authority designated by the GSQAC will provide the S.I. Will be required to provide a working days certificate which will have to be taken into consideration.

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School Inspector (SI) ne GCERT Dvara Gujarat School Quality Accreditation Council" (GSQAC) Hethal mukva babat paripatra