To log in from the school level in the "School Monitoring App" website
  • Username: School Dise code
  • Password: Enter the password.
See today's GR for more details. Complete Official Module in Gujarati. Every school should complete this task in 15 days.
Download School Monitoring Application : Click here

HM Dashboard User Manual

Stay tuned to the school level through the "Soul Monitor Team" website. That's all
First Clicking on the " School Monitoring App" from the website
The login page will open.

School Monitoring App/HM Dashboard
School Monitoring App/HM Dashboard

HM Dashboard Login: 

The following are the steps for logging in from the school level in the "Skull Monitor talk app" website
The login page will open, your school's diocode will have your username and password.
Click on the Login button to enter one default password: 1234
Login at the school level "shall monitor the c App Revenue" tagarta schools grandson of the Dashboard view
Will get The school will have the basic details in it.
"Soul Monitor CAP" under CRC, BRC, URC and District as well
The school will be booked by the state authority and they will be given different duties to the school.
Tips will be displayed in the HM Action Log .
The list of works displayed in the school's HM Action Log will be found at
Is intended to improve. The various poverty as a root ucano School Status in Pending show.
What kind of work is being done by the school, by whom and by whom is it given?
It will be light

Basic Details About HM Dashboard (HM Input): 

If the school does this rate work, the school will respond to the task by updating it to Status.
Stay here
  1. If the school is not working, it will show "Pending". No need to update school.
  2. When the school is done, there should be "In Progress."
  3. If the work at the school is full, please show "Close".
  4. The school is full of work and the authority is not equal to the school visits and work twice.

If "Re-Opened" is displayed. And the school will continue to work with opportunity.
The work will be checked during the school day as well

How to Change Password for HM Dashboard ?

: Most imp points For HM Dashboard Mobile Application 

  • The first time you log in, change the password. The name of the school
  • Open the page by clicking on the user's icon to "Change Password" . In
  • The first is to enter the current password. Second and third passwords set at school
  • Want to enter the password you want to do.
Setting up a password This password can be saved by tax.

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