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👉 NISHTHA 3.0 FLN તાલીમના અહેવાલ 

starting a new 70 secondary school through RMSA Paripatra

Rajya ma RMSA Antargat Navi 70 Secondary school chalu Karva babat Aa government no letters paripatra karva ma Aavyo chhe. Je mujab Aa navi Madhymik school Chalu karva Ane te mujab navu mahenat manjur karva mate Aa letter chhe.

Letter on The following spaces were allowed:
 Principal 70
 Education Assistant 210
Clarke 70
70 with 2 stripes
Watchman 140

Following the above subject and reference - 2, it was stated that the department of education was asked to form a committee at district level for intensive implementation and monitoring of 'Reading Campaign' - 'Reading Campaign' started in Classes 3 to 8 in primary schools.  Following which it is reminded that an immediate committee is formed.

 After the Monitoring, the report of the first fortnight of December, in the report leaflet accompanying the review in the meeting of the Committee.  All diet principals are advised to send by 17 December 19.  District Committee to include DPEOA - DIET Principal, Diet Lecturer, Education Inspector, BRC.  To form a committee of 10 to 15 members as each taluka is represented.

 This committee is to take follow-up work by intensive monitoring of the reading period.  The Diet Principal convened a meeting of this committee twice every month for the first fortnight.  17 and the second fortnight after the reported month.  By 2, the office here is asked to send by e-mail.  The report will be sent by March 2020.  NOTE: Those who have the tendency to model saliva may find the truth

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starting a new 70 secondary school through RMSA Paripatra