STD 5 Paryavaran Samarth 2 Project for Online Shikshak Talim | Useful for All Paryavaran Teachers

Paryavaran (Aaspas) Samarth 2 Online Teachers Training Project for std 5. Paryavaran Subject na Shikshako Mate Samarth 2 ni Talim Mate Upayogi Paryavaran Subject na Project no namuno Download karo pdf.

Project Name : Bij ne Ugva mate Jaruri Paribalo
Standard : 5
Subject : Paryavaran
Unit : Bij ni Vikas Yatra

STD 5 Paryavaran Samarth 2 Project
STD 5 Paryavaran Samarth 2 Project

7. This project is designed to achieve achievement / achievement in children? : Compares heavy and light objects with the use of plain scales.

8. Project no Dhey: The kids in standard 2 used to make a lot of mistakes in deciding what was heavy and what was light. So it was decided to teach the children only through activity. The main goal of this project is to help children learn to compare heavy and lightweight items through activity. The goal of achieving this goal is to have children smashed and do the activity as instructed.

9. Detailed description of the activity: Children were asked to do non-trivial things such as wall decals, pillows, cups of ice cream, cups of tea, etc. for this activity. Drawn from school. Instructions were given by the teacher to the children. First a cup of tea or ice cream was asked to knead in three places at the same distance. It was said to cut the strings of equal size. Now one end of the cord was asked to tie the knot with a cup of tea. The remaining three ends were told to hit the knot together. Thus another cup was also told to be tied. Now a piece of small stick was taken and it was said that the other end of the cup should be tied to the stick. Now it is said to tie a cord exactly between the sticks, so that the level of both cups remains the same. Now asked to take a pencil and a pen. And place that one pencil pencil in the pan and place the pen in the other. The scroll done looks tilted. So which item would be heavier? It is important to be aware that both the scales created should be the same. If the two sides are not equal then the teacher should help.

10. Mulyankan Ane Parinam (Assessment and Outcome) : After doing this activity, children were asked to give different items in the office. If a child gives a pencil, a child gives rubber. If a child gives a puppy, a child gives a pavement. If a child gives a Minya color, a child gives a ballpen. They were asked to take either of these two items to see which of them was tilted. So the children started to say that the pencil and the rubber ball were tilted. So the teacher asked who would be the heavier of these two? So the bulk replied that the rubber would be heavier. And if the two of them were light, the child replied that the pencil would be light. In this way, every child had such activity and children were compared.

11. Chintan (Meditation): Using this project to tackle the heavy and lightweight items will help children to learn more about the activities themselves. Based on the many experiences at home, the child will know. Just need to give it direction. Other school teachers can easily do this activity for their children. There is no need to spend extra for this activity. From the things around us, we can take things and create different scales. By doing this activity, children make such scales even when going home, and by taking various items, they weigh it and clarify their resolve. If there is a farmer's boy, then his house will be ready scales and he will go to the house immediately and take activities of different items. And this will be accomplished in the game play. This activity is simple and very useful for all.

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STD 5 Paryavaran Samarth 2 Project for Online Shikshak Talim | Useful for All Paryavaran Teachers

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