Latest GR of Census 2021, The calculation allowance is 25000, Learn the many stages and so on

India Census 2021 Paper No. - 9
To update India's 2021 Census and the National Census Roll (NPR), standards valid under different components and the Government of India's Census of India 2021 and National. Has approved two plans to update the Population Sheet (NPR).

census of India 2021
census of India 2021

Census of India 2021 Period:

 (2) Nomination and calculation of houses from 16 April - 2020 to 30 m - 2020 (State of Gujarat and Union Territories Daman, Dav and Dadra and Nagar Haveli.
(ii) Population Census will be organized in two phases from 9th February 2021 to 28th February 2021.

The task of updating the National Population Sheet (NPR) will also be planned in conjunction with housekeeping and house counting. The expenditure incurred for updating the Census 2021 and the National Population Form (NPR) by the State Government and the Federal Administration will be reimbursed by the Central Government.

Honorary wages for census workers:

2.1 The persons working in each census shall be appointed under the provisions of the Census Act 1948 and the Census Act 1990. Detailed information on this is given in Circular VI - Census earlier. The honorary wages will be paid upon completion of the Census and National Census Roll (NPR).

2.2 The honorary wages of the workers in different levels of census are as follows.
2.3 Certification of Successful Completion of Census Operations by Relevant Officers Census Management and Management System - Public Finance Management System - PFMS Platform and Direct Benefit Transfer - Directly to Honorary Pay through DB1 Module on CMMS Portal from www.census.gov.in The census will be credited to the working bank account.

Information for the Census:

In each census designated for this purpose, the workers are required to register their name on the CMMS portal with name, bank account number, IFSC code, brand name, address, mobile number etc. Since the correct details are very important for the payment of honorary wages, the details of the concerned officer should be properly examined.

2.4 Upon completion of the work by the Census and Supervisors, after the surrender of the record, the charge and district level officers will issue a certificate regarding completion of the work on CMMS and this certification will be done by the census office. The Census Officer shall issue a Certificate on completion of the work by the charge officers and census officers in the district and to cover the whole area. And will be certified by the Census Bureau.

Training for Census:

 The training of the counties, supervisors and other census workers employed under the Census Act 1948 is an important task for the successful completion of the census. Training is an important aspect of ensuring those who collect high quality information. Especially using new initiatives such as mobile applications to manage the entire operation at the right time.

3.2 A complete training framework has been organized, starting with 100 National Instructors who can train 1800 Master Trainers. These Master Trainers will train 43500 field trainers and these trainers with reserve of 30 lakh counters and supervisors. National state level institutions will be involved in training at different administrative levels. Training has already been given to the National Statistical Method Academy - NSSTA Noida Secretariat, Training Institute and the National Institutes of Training at ISTM Delhi. The training of 1800 master trainers has also been completed in 20 different administrative training institutes of the country - ATIS. Field trainers will be trained at the district / charge level by the master trainers.

3.3 This extensive exercise requires extensive management and sufficient financial and administrative cooperation. An amount of Rs. 350 / - per day has been approved to attend the training in the form of training allowance to the calculators, supervisors and other census workers. In addition, an amount of Rs.150 / - per person has been set aside for participating in training for meals, tea and snack water etc. per person per day. Apart from this, Rs 5000 / - has been approved for each training bench for the planning of domestic immunization (HLO), National Population Sheet (IPR) and Census (PE) bench. This amount will be useful to the district administrative system for planning training, hiring a training site, projector, audio system and other relevant arrangements.

3.4 Training allowance Rs. 350 / - per day will be paid directly to the bank account of the census workers through PFMs and DBT. The allowance will be given after successful completion of field work and the surrender of record to the concerned officer. The remaining funds ie Rs.5000 / - will be allocated for the arrangement of per bench of training and Rs.150 / - for meals, tea and snacks etc. will be allocated by the state / UT for taking necessary steps in the district.
3.5 The amount of Rs.1500 / - per day will be deposited directly to their bank account as per the details provided on the CMMS Portal by the Master Trainers for training the trainers and field trainers by the field trainers and field trainers.

Technical Assistance for State / District Administration for Census:

4.1 In India's Census 2021, this technology will be useful for achieving the goal of getting digital data automatically from the field operations, including data collection, use of CMMS portal etc. This will enable census data to be published in as short a time as possible and reduce the working time of NPR's data entry. Technical Assistant will be provided at the State / District and Charge level for this function. In addition, assistance will be provided at the state district level for the assistance of the Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) office. Both of these manpower can be retained for a maximum of 18 months from February 2020. The details of which are as follows.

4.2 The technical assistant will be paid a maximum of Rs. 20000 / - per month and remuneration to MTS as per Rs. 14000 / - per month. No other financial assistance will be provided for manpower (MAN POWAR). In addition, the Government of India will provide for 2021 census and NPR at the Assistant State / UT level for a maximum of 18 months. After that this assistant will not be able to continue on his own. Or the financial assistance will cease automatically and there will be no responsibility of the Government of India at this or in any other way.

4.3 This manpower (MAN POWAR) is only contract based withholding for a short time. Nobody can claim any right to restrain Manpower for permanent (ad hoc, temporary, temporary) or related benefits that the government will have no right to claim regularly. In addition, the responsibility of making statutory deductions like EPF, ESIC etc. shall be with the concerned State / District Charge Level Authorities.

4.4 In compliance with the financial rules, the District Municipal Corporation and the Chief Census Officer at the charge level - District Magistrate / District Collector, Deputy Commissioner in his / her jurisdiction and the Universal Commissioner in his / her jurisdiction shall be deemed to be authorized to prevent manpower / manpower. Man power is to be stopped not by direct appointment but through agency. A retired Government Service Employee who can work may also be approved for appointment. A similar process is to be followed by the nodal department for the state union level.

Assistance for State / District and Charges for the Census 2021:

Assistance has been made available by the Government of India for setting up infrastructure at the state / district and charge level. The details of which are as follows.

5.1 There is a provision for one time grant for IT infrastructure census 2021 and for procurement of hardware and software ie commuter, software, printer, UPS, internet connection, table-chair etc. for upgrading operations. Comply with applicable financial rules for hardware, software and other equipment materials.

5.2 Petrol, Oil Lubrication POL / Vehicle Hire Cost: The State Government / District Administrative System, Charge Office will travel continuously for operation, inspection and control in their jurisdiction in the same way for extensive monitoring and inspection of POL / Vehicles by census officers. Provision has been made to spend.

5.3 Contingency Costs for Monitoring Charges: Pre-preparation, actual field operations for 2021 census and NPR updates. There will be some costs incurred during the post-completion work, such as: local advertising, local census material transportation (stationery), stationery, photocopying, labor costs, packing materials, postage costs, meeting costs etc. The charges may be required by the Officer / Chief Census Officer and the State Coordinator.

5.4 To monitor IT infrastructure POs and charges as shown in paragraphs 5.1 to 5.3 above, the amount of complaint received at different levels of NPR and population count (PE) is summarized below.

This grant will be given once and directly to the administrative system of the State / UT. The State / UT administration has to make sure to allocate these grants to the district and the charge.

Printing of NPR handbook for census 2021:

According to the block, the information of NPR will be made available in PDF form which will need to be printed in booklet form. Which compiler uses NPR to update mobile applications It does not require the block's NPR information to be printed if used. For printing - Rs. 2 / - will be paid for one page in the back. The block wise printed booklet will also print 25 blank leaflets of NPR. These blank sheets will be used to fill in the details of new family, new family members etc. in each block. In addition, a booklet will be given as per Rs 75 / - for binding of this NPR booklet. (The NPR booklet has to be kept in mind that the amount specified is within the limits specified during printing. The highest value indicated above, must be quoted when printing the NPR booklet.

7. The grants outlined in paragraphs 3.4 and 5 above will be allocated for different matters. For this purpose, the need to open a separate budget head will be created by the state government / union administration. Will be transferred in the form of grants-in-aid-grants-in-aid by the Office of the Secretary General and Census Commissioner of India. Similarly, all necessary steps should be taken to request the state government / union administration or to distribute timely grants to the district administration, all necessary steps should be taken to ensure timely allocation of grants to the administration. In order to ensure availability of necessary grants from District / Taluka or Taluka / Urban Local Bodies, expenditure under this account can be spent during the current and subsequent financial year.

8. The request of the authorities is to maintain complete details of each expenditure for census and NPR operations and to prepare quarterly relevant expenditure roll for each charge and state / UT level. In addition, the expenditure sheet will have to be certified by the concerned authorities at the State level of the Union Territory, which will be made available separately.


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