English is a world language as well as a simple and funny language.  Here are 60 different ways to say "Very Good" in English.  The list can still go up and double it.  When you talk to someone, you use different harmonics.  These melodies enhance your speech, make the listener feel better, and make the language more effective.

 English is the simplest language in all the world's languages.  It does not require more words to understand it, nor does it require more effort to learn.  That is why English is accepted as a world language.

 In any country in the world, you can speak and speak English.  Because in any country you will find someone who speaks English.  While speaking another language you will rarely find somewhere.  That is why it is important to teach English.  Even if you don't need the English language right now, sometimes you just need to.

 The label on anything found in the market is now written in English.  From small to small home use items, even the largest will be available with the label / name written in English.  Then it is a home consumption item, something to eat, for any use.  The medicine found in the medicine is also written in English.  That is why English has become our need now.  India needs to learn a special English language.  English is needed to align with the developed countries of the world, to walk with the countries of the world, and to move forward in development with them.  English is needed to understand the present.

Different way to say *Very good*

  1. You're on the right track now! 
  2. You've got it made. 
  3. Super! 
  4. That's right! 
  5. That's good. 
  6. You're really working hard today. 
  7. You are very good at that. 
  8. That's coming along nicely. 
  9. Good work! 
  10. I'm happy to see you working like that. 
  11. That's much, much better! 
  12. Exactly right. 
  13. I'm proud of the way you worked today. 
  14. You're doing that much better today. 
  15. You've just about got it. 
  16. That's the best you've ever done. 
  17. You're doing a good job. 
  18. That's it! 
  19. Now you've figured it out. 
  20. That's quite an improvement. 
  21. Great! 
  22. I knew you could do it.
  23. Congratulations!
  24. Not bad. 
  25. Keep working on it.
  26. You're improving. 
  27. Now you have it! 
  28. You are learning fast. 
  29. Good for you!
  30. Couldn't have done it better myself. 
  31. Aren't you proud of yourself? 
  32. One more time and you'll have it. 
  33. You did it that time! 
  34. That's not half bad. 
  35. Nice going You haven't missed a thing! 
  36. Wow! 
  37. That's the way! 
  38. Keep up the good work. 
  39. Terrific! 
  40. Nothing can stop you now. 
  41. That's the way to do it. 
  42. Sensational! 
  43. You've got your brain in gear today. 
  44. That's better. 
  45. That was first class work. 
  46. Excellent! 
  47. That's the best ever. 
  48. You've just about mastered it. 
  49. Perfect! 
  50. That's better than ever. 
  51. Much better! 
  52. Wonderful! 
  53. You must have been practicing. 
  54. You did that very well. 
  55. Fine! 
  56. Nice going: 
  57. You're really going to town. 
  58. Outstanding! 
  59. Fantastic! 
  60. Tremendous!

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