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GIS SCHOOL MAPPING APPLICATION INSTALLATION GUIDELINE, GIS School Mapping Application, GIS School Mapping Application Paripatra, Download GIS School Mapping Application Step by Step
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GIS School Mapping Application for All Schools Location Regarding the latitude longitude. the school through the BISAG application for GIS school mapping. How to Download GIS School Mapping App And Installation Guideline Step by step here. 

 School mapping was done in the previous year to get a location with latitude-longitude of all the government-run, Ashram, Guaranteed, Private and Central government-run schools of Gujarat (Primary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary).

GIS School Mapping Application
GIS School Mapping Application

 Many schools in the state are newly opened as well as closed.  This requires updating the database to retrieve the Latitude - Longitude location location of all schools operating in the state. Additionally, this updated database is used in other applications such as GIs school mapping, school monitoring app and so on.  For this, BISAG has developed a mobile application for obtaining latitude longitude of schools.  Through this application all the Government, Ashram, Guaranteed, Private and Central Government-run schools in the state will have to provide location information along Latitude - Longitude.  This app is built online and offline.  The schools that have internet access will have to upload the information online and the schools will have to upload the information offline through remote areas where there is no internet.  District M of your district.  

GIS School Mapping Application : 

Download GIS Application

I.  S as well as block M from block level.  I.  S to C and Cluster level.  R .  The C Coordinator must perform this operation.  C.  R . C Coordinator must conduct GIS school mapping of its Culture Government (KGBV, Model Day School, Central Govt., Local Body All Government Schools), Granted, and Ashram schools and GIS school mapping of private and central schools must be done at the school level.  Block M  I.  Schools that have latitude-longitude from their login will have to check in Google Map as well as check photos.  If there is a fault in the latitude-longitude of the school, then the data of such schools will be reset and the latitude-longitude will be taken again.

GIS School Mapping Application Paripatra

The GIS school mapping operation is carried out on a daily basis, from school level to follow-up.  Must be completed by 1-3-8.  The school mapping application has a user manual for school-level operations.  Enclosure: User Manual for School-to-School Performance in GIs School Mapping Application

Install GIS School Mapping Application Step by Step

 Download Link: Google Play Store -> Gis School Mapping

 Before using this app you have to use / open this app within school limits.

 If you are 70 meters away from your location, you will receive an alert message, and no further step option will be open for the school mapping application.

 1. The school mapping application can be downloaded from the Google App Store for download from the School Mapping App.

 2. The school mapping application will have the school code in the username and the school code (one time) in the password.

 3. After logging in, the school will have to verify that the school name and DAS code are correct.  The information you are giving through the school app through school mapping is whether your school belongs to you or not.  If you find any error in the school's DOS code, refer to the M / s of your district / district.  I.  Will have to contact S.

 4. This app will have to be used while staying in school.  The numbers will have to be selected according to the main building of the school.  Then you have to press the Next button.

 5. After pressing the Next button, it will show you the current location. If it is a school location, click on the Next button but if the school location is not correct then drag the pin (red color) in the map to the school and then you have to press the Next button.

 6. After setting the location, two photographs will be uploaded according to the main house statistics shown by the school.
 (1) Photo of front of school main building
 (2) The photo of the main entrance of the school shall be taken as per the name of the school.

 7. Option to upload a photograph of the school will appear as per the main house data shown by the school.  Eg.  If the school building is in 3 (two) part, photograph of the school will be uploaded twice separately photograph of the school building and main entrance.

 8. Block M. The photograph that the school has uploaded.  I.  SA will have to be Verified and Freeze.

 9. J Photograph block of the school.  I.  School data that is Freeze by S will be considered Freeze, and the school that does not have a photograph of the building / main entrance will have to process the data upload again.


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