SSC / Gandhinagar Circular on Planning of Teleconference as per 2020 - SMC / SMDC Training.

According to the SMC / SMDC Training - 2020 topic, Teleconference from the state level for the members of the School Management Committee has been organized from 12:00 to 03:00 hours on 07/02/2020. On the day of teleconference, all SMC and SMDC members at the school level in primary and secondary schools discuss SMC (using the booklet given earlier) and SMDC's functions, duties for the first one hour (12:00 to 01:00 hours),

In the one hour between 01:00 to 02:00 hours, the following issues will be discussed and guided by the State Level Officer regarding SMC and SMD. Role Play for 5 Minutes on the Nutrition Issues of School Children by Kivalya Foundation Members

• Meeting and role play on issues of hygiene, children's regularity in schools by Hadgood SMC states of Anand district.
• Discussion about unit testing in SMC
• Guidance about SMC, SDP During the last one hour (02:00 to 03:00 hours), all members of SMC to SMDC at the school level will have to organize the meeting and discuss the following.
• Testing how many children participate in the school lunch plan.
• Informing parents about nutritious food.
• Understand and discuss the form of the School Development Plan (SDP),
• Discussion on social audit.
• To check if remedial education is working for the children of Std. 9 by the members of SMDC.
• Std. 8 After std. 9 Examine whether children get admission in
• A discussion about the regularity of children.
• To examine if the special benefits enjoyed by SMC members reach their children.
• Discussion of innovative experiments in school.

Therefore, to ensure that teleconference transmission is visible in all primary and secondary schools and to take special vigilance at district level to attend all SMC and SMDC members, as well as district / taluka and color project staff on training day to attend the training as part of monitoring. is coming .

In head training, Rs. 40 / - (for tea and coffee and breakfast expenses) and will be allotted to the SMC and SMDC accounts by the Head Grant Office. The number of members present at the completion of teleconference will be sent in day-2 as per the following roll.

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