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Std. 1 to 8  Guidelines for entry of word speed test marks - entire education expedition Gandhinagar Command and Control Cell, Sector - 19, Gandhinagar

Special instructions for online entry of the unit test marks

Hello friends, A guide to online entry of the Acceleration Speed ​​Test marks for Classes 1 to 8 is presented. The entry in the circular will have to be made keeping in mind the instructions given at the state level.

Ekam kasoti PAT online marks entry 2020
Ekam kasoti PAT online marks entry 2020

Steps for entry of online mark in ssaexam.in

 First open Google Chrome and enter 'http://sscexam.in/ on the address bar and enter the screen so this screen will appear.
Or you can open it by clicking on the following icon on ssagujarat.org web portal.

Step-2. Then login id Click on the Log In button given by typing the school diode and your school password (admin) and selecting School Admin in the dropdown box below and entering the code (captcha) shown below.

Step-3. After logging in (1) click on Redding campaign (2) inside the Learning Outcome menu.

To speed up the entry of reading speed test marks

(1) Medium in Gujarati
(2) Select the standard for which the standard is to be entered.
(2) It is not mandatory to select a Division.
(4) Clicking on the SEARCH button will show a list of selected students.

A maximum of 240 seconds is set for each student to read. When the student completes the reading in less than 240 seconds, the student must register the second time taken for the reading. And if a student is reading too slowly and takes more than 240 seconds, then the number of words that the student read in 240 seconds will be recorded in the side box.

(5) After selecting the standard, the above screen will appear. A list of the names of the students will be displayed. If the student has a "Yes", then enter his / her "Speech Speed" test when the student arrives.

If there is a continuous absent child, (1) the box in the column ABSENT must be checked.

Note: A maximum of 240 seconds is set for the student to read. So if a student is reading too slowly, then the maximum number of words that can be read in 240 seconds will be recorded in the box.

(1) If the SECOND student has taken 240 seconds or less to read, he must note the time taken for the reading.
(2) If the time taken is longer than the fixed time (240 seconds), the second box is left blank (2) In the WORDS box, the number of words that the student reads in 241 seconds must be recorded.
(3) After registering all students' time and number of words, clicking on update button will upload the information of all students.

Points to keep in mind when entry the mark online

» Absent students will have to tick the check box provided.
- If the student has completed the reading in less than the prescribed time then only the amount of time it takes to read will have to be written in seconds. Do not type the number of words (eg 2 minutes and 40 seconds if 160 seconds).
- If the student takes longer than the fixed time to finish the reading, then the number of words spoken in 240 seconds will be recorded. (E.g. 113) The second field is left blank.

» Uploaded details will not be able to be modified later so careful entry is requested.

On the school level, you will complete the entry work on a regular basis. General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge Thanks

Click here to online PAT mark entry

See the PDF file below to read the complete guideline for entry of online marks in Gujarati.

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