Letter of GCERT on fiduciary teacher training to be held during the year 2019-20. Date 05/02/2020. The fidelity to be held during this period was stated in a well-referenced letter for conducting the four phases of teacher training. In the fourth phase, it was said to save from the earlier allocation of funds. So that you will be comfortable.

 For the fourth phase, the amount of training to be conducted during February 14, 2020, and from 2 to 6 March 2020, is RTGS. Is performed . As mentioned earlier in the reference paper, Youth Phase Training will be held from 10 to 14 February 2020. As well as the accompanying document, it is said that it is best to conduct the fiduciary teacher training at different block levels from 2 to 6 March 2020.

 Prior to conducting the fiduciary teacher training from 2 to 6 March 2020, the information of the teachers who have received training on the fidelity portal is to be uploaded by 25th February 2020. The coordinator is asked to send. In order to prepare a list of teachers present in the training through pre-MIS training, BRC co. Block - The district will prepare the list in prescribed format through MIS and then send it to SSA Gandhinagar.

Immediate information about the number of teachers to upload this information BRC co. This is how the auditor is instructed to do.

NISHTHA Training Instructions:

• The details of the KRP name prepared for your district are sent along with the Excel file. District-wise numbers are also included.

• The required training classes should be organized as per the number mentioned in the accompanying letter. Not all teachers can be invited from a single school.

• It is desirable to select teachers from all the three standard 1 to 2, standard 3 to 5 and standard 6 to 8 in head training.

• There are more than one training class of 150 teachers outlined in the leaflet. They will have to take training in different units to take into account the teachers of different talukas.

• It is desirable to have a place of training between two talukas or at the BRC building.

• Divide 150 teachers and organize a total of four training classes.

• No more than six experts in total of 5-1 = 6 M can be used in these four classes.

• The teacher present in the training will have to give both the pedagogy and the leadership module.

Pre-training and post-test pre-training should be conducted by the MIS of the district / block post test.

• The DPC must be informed that block MIS is present at the training site.

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