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News about QR Code in STD 3,4 class textbooks.

 The QR Code will be available online in standard textbooks of standard 3 to 4. Also read online today.

The textbooks have been prepared by the State Government in view of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for academic quality enhancement, in which new textbooks will be equipped with QR codes and will be given Energized Textbooks (ETB).

 In addition, NCERT has been offered in subjects like Mathematics, Science in Classes 9 to 12.  No textbooks have been accepted.

 National Achievement Survey (NAS)

 National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

 Also, it is imperative that Higher Order Thinking Skill based exams can be organized so that the children of the state of Gujarat can perform well in the National Means cum Merit Examination (NMMS).

 By making the exam more useful and meaningful, the performance of students in JEE, NEET and other competitive exams will also improve which will benefit all students of Gujarat state.

 In addition, for the PISA (Program for International Students Assessment) in 2024, the state is also willing to participate.  As such, it seems to require a rhetoric of corresponding questions.  A uniform school timetable has been implemented in the state schools for the current academic year.

 Online attendance is being implemented in all schools across the state.  As well as the uniform academic calendar being implemented, the unit test, centralized first and second semester exams are being implemented in the government primary and secondary schools.  All the children of the state can study in a consistent manner, the children are constantly and universally evaluated, and all the government, grant-in-aid and self-help elementary schools as well as secondary and secondary schools are in place to develop the Higher Order Thinking Skill.  Government, grant-in-aid and self-employed secondary and higher secondary affiliate affiliated with the Higher Secondary Education Board.  Discussion consultations have been held to promote academic quality with all relevant stake holders ie teachers unions, self-reliant school governing bodies and academics for the purpose.

 The above matters were under the consideration of the State Government.  At the end of the adult consideration by the State Government, it is decided to take the following steps.

 New Resolution: At the end of active consideration, a uniform unit test for all government, grant-in-aid and self-reliant primary schools, as well as government, grant-in-aid and self-reliant secondary and higher secondary schools, with involvement of secondary and higher secondary education boards.  ) And to decide on implementing both the first and second semester assessments from the academic year 2020-21.  Was before.

 Detailed instructions are given in this regard.

 1. According to the conditions of the existing school accreditation, the teaching and teaching should be done on the basis of the textbook published by the Gujarat State School Textbook Board, prepared on the basis of Learning Outcomes in all Government-subsidized and non-subsidized Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools of the State.  Textbooks of any private publication cannot be used in school.  Reference material may be used if required, but students may not be compelled to purchase or use it.  It will have to be strictly implemented in all schools of that condition from the academic year 2020 - 21.

 2. Gujarat State School Text Book Board provides free text books to all government and aided schools without any cost.  Textbooks will be made available to schools before the new semester begins in the academic year 2020 - 21 April.  These textbooks will also be made available to all non-subsidized schools at fixed rates within the month of April.


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