Februari 2020 Thi Darek Vishesh Din ni Ujavni karva babat Niyamak sir no Paripatra, 13/02/2020

Vishesh Din ni Ujavni paripatra | Februari 2020 Thi Darek Vishesh Din ni Ujavni karva babat Niyamak sir no Paripatra, 13/02/2020

One more new circular About Special Day. Celebrate every month of every day from December 1st - "Vishesh din paripatra"
 Suggestions to celebrate the special day in Eid

 A list of six days to celebrate in the month of December
  • December 3: International Day of Divorce
  • December 7: National Nauka Day
  • December 3: International Human Rights Day
  • December 3: Shri Ramanujan Jayanti, mathematician
  • December 3: Kisan Din
  • December 3: Christmas
According to the above subject and reference, time, date and place are of more importance in human life, with each date having a statement of person, thing or situation. We celebrate a wide variety of festivals, festivals, and occasions in order to be happy in human life. Hon'ble, as per the instruction of the Minister of Education, from December - 2019, the day-long celebration should be well organized in all the schools.

 For this, it is important that every student in the Prayer Meeting becomes familiar with the day and day specials, acquainted with the work of dignitaries, as well as receive inspiration from their lives in such a way that they do not constitute academic work, for the occasional activity or speech by the students, teachers or dignitaries in the school. Plan and execute for a maximum of 10 minutes at the prayer meeting and daily It is informed to celebrate sani. This includes the details of the December Day special. In addition, information about the day special celebrations of all the elementary schools under your authority are sent to Google ExitSheet in the format given below, to be sent periodically by filling in the details of that day special. Here is how to enter information in a link.

December Moth birthdays

(1) 3 December - 1884 dau. Rajendra Prasad Jayanti

(2) 3 December - 1889 Shri Khudiram Bose Jubilee

(3) 10th December - 1878 Shri Rajgopalachari Jayanti

(4) December 16 India - POK. War 1971, Victory Day

(5) 22nd December - 1666 Guru Govind Singh Jayanti (5 January 1966)

(6) 25th December - 1861 Pandit Madanmohan Malviya Jayanti

People with disabilities have the same hopes and dreams as ours. They become divinely created for human or natural reasons. They are an important part of our wider human society. We should have special feelings, goodwill and love in our hearts for them. They need affection, not our kindness.

• Meaning - Definition • Physical and psychological impairments affecting social and economic status ie disability, disability. Disability depends on the relative and individual needs. In terms of fitness, longevity, strong physical ability, the ability to participate in sports, and the ability to do day-to-day tasks independently, none of these things are a "permanent state of disability."

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Februari 2020 Thi Darek Vishesh Din ni Ujavni karva babat Niyamak sir no Paripatra, 13/02/2020

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