Follow these important precautions for reduce the risk of corona virus infection

Letter of Gujarat Education Department: Letter dated 15/02/2020, subject to reference and mention of the letter dated 5/2/2020 of the Human Resource Development Department of the Government of India, enclosed with reference letter.  In order to reduce the risk of viral infection, follow the important precautions involved with all the schools in your state (standard 1 to 12), including the Government of India involved.  Ramam given instructions to request your action levels in order to circulate.

You are aware of a reported travel case in China and 24 other countries from Coronavirus, India.  Although little is known about the dynamics of the disease, it is clear that there is a human-to-human transition.  As of now, no drug or vaccine is available to manage the disease.  Therefore, preventive measures are crucial to prevent the spread of the disease.

 Creating awareness among university/college students about preventive interven ons such as 

Follow these below important precautions

  1. frequent hand wash
  2. respiratory etiquettes (using handkerchief over mouth while coughing/ sneezing
  3. Using Tissue Paper - Cover the upper arm of the shirt sleeve
  4. staying away from college when sick
  5. Avoiding public meetings, etc. will only help prevent / reduce the transmission of the disease
  6. but also large number of other communicable diseases
  7. notably flu like illnesses.
  8. Further, such informed youth can be agents of change for their family
  9. community and beyond.

In view of the above, you are requested to take up with State Education Of Departments, central universities and other autonomous teaching institutions junder your ministry measures that will go a long way in preventing spread of Novel Coronavirus disease.

 An information pamphlet is enclosed which would come handy for the to sensitize their students these simple public health teachers to sensitize the students.

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