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Pragna STD 2 Gujarati upcharatmak karya file.
Principal / Head Teacher / Academic Staff Paripatra of Morbi District regarding the functioning of all, 04-02-2020

 Instructions for the proper implementation of circulars and activities related to the online activities of teachers and schools, and the activities to be carried out, 3 schedules, programs, tests, new experiments, etc., will be completed and completed on regular basis by the Principal / Head Teacher of the school.  CRC  Co.  Has to be done by the ordinator.  In which all the following are to be kept in mind.

 • Online Presence:
 - All Principal / Head Teacher should complete the work on the teachers' attendance within the stipulated time limit and within 12: 30 hours at the school with shift.

 - The work on the attendance of all the students of the school must be completed within the stipulated time limit.

 - CRC Co.  The auditor will have to complete timely attendance by providing guidance and monitoring of online attendance during the school visit.

 - All school attendance must be done online at CRC.  Must be scheduled by the auditor.

 Unit Test:
 Standard: The academic quality assessment of each subject from 3 to 8 is determined by the entire education campaign to take therapeutic work of that subject as well as the Periodical Endorsement Test (unit test) as part of the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation).  All Principal / Head Teacher should ensure that the unit test in the school is timely, confidential and properly conducted.  The unit will have to see that their due course is completed on the test date.  After completing the unit test, note the unit test notebook in the unit test notebook, and note that in the unit test notebook, the class / subject teacher will have to show the guardian of each student and get their signature.

 There will be a re-examination of poorly performing students in the unit test.

 - During the data entry of the unit test marks, it is necessary to take into account the re-test marks and complete the work in 15 days.

 - CRC Co.  The instructor will have to guide and monitor during the school visit.

 Workplace Application:
 - All the teachers of the school join the workplace application and inform the teachers about it.

 - Teachers who are not connected to the workplace application will have to join immediately.

 - The teachers whose mobile numbers are coming invalued will be misaligned to the helpline number from the correct mobile number of the teachers.  The workplace executive will contact you within 48 hours and tell you your problem, CRC Co.  To coordinate the school staff through the coordinator and schedule the bed cover in a limited time



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