Paripatra on sending CRC-level speech and speech-capture competition literature under the Reading Campaign

CRC / BRC Level Vachan Spardha 
Reference: The title on the subject. On the single file dated 10/02/2020, the approval of Hon'ble, Secretary (Prof. and Secondary Education), Mr. Sir, to state that in the above subject and context, the State Department of Education, Gujarat this year, for the intensive reading comprehension of the students in standard 3 to 8 '. A reading campaign has been launched.

The Reading Competition has been organized under this campaign. There will be two competitions, namely Speech and Reading. The competition is to be organized at school, cluster, taluka and district level. This competition at the cluster level. Will be held one day during February 27, 28, 2020.

With this, the literature for CRC level competition is sent from both standard 3 to 5 and standard 6 to 8 level here. Please request timely delivery of all CRCs in your district.

Vachan Arth grahan Sahitya
At the same time, the confidentiality of this literature will have to be maintained till the competition is completed in the district. Each competing student will have two types of competition.

1. Mutual Competition This competition is to be organized individually. The paragraph for reading will be one for standard 3 to 5 and one for standard 6 to 8. Keep the evaluation structure (for the critical) in line with the rollout involved. Acne will be evaluated out of a total of 50 marks.

2. Reading Competition Competition This competition will be held in groups together. There will be one or two YG test papers for Std 3 to 5 and one for Std 6 to 8. This test will be 50 marks. Like other written tests, this competition will be held. Two winning students from 3 to 5 from each cluster and one from standard 6 to 8 will go to participate at the Taluka level.

Vachan Abhiyan Antargat "Mukh vachan ane Vachan Arthgrahan" Spardha na Sahitya babat Paripatra, 25/02/2020