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50% Staff ne Hajar Raheva babat Samanya Vahivat Vibhag GAD no Letter

Circular to keep 50% of the staff present, as per rotation. Corona Virus na Karane tamam rajyani schoolo ma Shaixanik karya hal bandh rakhva ma aavel chhe. tyare Shaixanik Staff ne Pan %0% mujab School ma hajar raheva babat aa letter karva ma aavel chhe.


In order to raise public awareness of Corona virus, it is necessary to inform the Principals of all schools belonging to the District Education Committee of Bhavnagar district that the existing Corona virus is being used in schools. From 16-03-2020 hrs. If there is non-teaching till 28-03-2020, then teachers should come to school regularly during school hours during this period.

Thus, for the biometric attendance of the teachers of the District Education Committee in Bhavnagar district, the postponement is delayed at the present stage, so no teachers are required to set a cab during the above mentioned study period, but regular attendance and departure time in the master should be noted for each school. General Chat Chat Lounge

Thus, the time of tomorrow for all the schools belonging to the District Education Committee, Bhavnagar. From 19-03-2020 to 29-03-2020, from 7:30 to 12:30 in the morning, Saturday time will be as per usual. The Principal should take special note.

Under the Corona virus every schoolteacher who is in that village is not in the group but in a group. To make every effort necessary to inform the people as a campaign to raise awareness of Corona Virus in person, the Principal made efforts to make the teachers aware of the matter and asked for full cooperation in this regard.

Thus, during this period maximum publicity should not be intimidated by publicity and make every effort for security and to spread awareness to any family member to avoid any common symptoms like cough, cold, fever, headache.

50% Staff ne Hajar Raheva babat Samanya Vahivat Vibhag GAD no Letter


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