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Download Janata Curfew Certificate online at pledge.mygov.in - official

If you have joined the People's Curfew today, you can swear by the People's Curfew Certificate from the Central Government website.
 Information on how to enter and download a certificate is geven at the link below.

 Avoid rumors circulating about A corona.
 Follow the instructions provided by the Government

Janata Curfew Certificate kaise Download kare? Step by Step with RDRATHOD



Gujarat sarkar nana vibhag dvara 1-7-2019 thi mogvari bhaththa na daro ma sudharo karva babat aa letter karel chhe. Panchayat pagar panch mujab aa sudharo karva ma aavashe. 

This letter has been made by the Director of Gujarat Education regarding the completion of cost work on priority basis in DPEO, TPEO office of all the districts.  For the above mentioned issues, the activities related to the service matters of primary teachers / teachers in the offices of the district / town education committees and in the primary education officer of the taluka, such as higher pay standard cases, job counting cases, work on pension cases, financial aid and higher finance.  Matters related to, leave approval cases, updating of services.  Grant related matters such as grant surrender, grant release, US  T  C.  This is said to be done on a priority basis, where preparation work is pending.

 The district will be visited from this office in the coming days for review of the completion of the sanctioning function, in which Tal.  Performance will be reviewed on 31/03/2020.  Take note of that.

 In addition, if there are pending cases of payment of Vidyalakshmi Bond in your district, you will review the casewise and plan the work to be completed.  If the information sought by the various branches of this office is yet to be sent from your level, prepare all such information and arrange it accordingly so that this office can be found in a timely manner.

Download Janata Curfew Certificate online at pledge.mygov.in - official



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