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Gujarat - provide free food to the poor 3 crore people will benefit from April 1st

The Government of Gujarat is a resilient decision

 Poor families will be provided free food grains to the state's 60 lakh ration card holders.

 3.50 kg wheat, 1.50 kg rice will be provided per person

 1 kg of sugar per family, 1 kg of pulses, 1 kg of salt will be given free of cost

 To read the official news detail. Gujarat-free_good-news

Supply of essential commodities including milk and vegetables throughout the state will also be readily available during lockdown, even during lock-down.  The Chief Minister has set up a taskforce to ensure supply supply.  There will also be a review of the matter at the taskforce meeting every afternoon.

 This was announced by the Chief Minister's Secretary announcing the decisions of the Core Committee meeting in the chair of the Chief Minister.

 CM - The Core Committee headed by the Deputy CM will meet every morning at 5 pm to take stock of the corona virus status.

 Holidays in Government Offices other than essential services until March 31 - Offices can be continued with minimum staff as necessary.

 Mass promotion will be given in grades 1 through 8 - 9 and 11 of the state schools

 Schools, colleges, teachers and professors were also allowed leave till March 31

 The distribution of fifty lakh liters of milk pouch is distributed in Gujarat every day.  - 1600 Amul Parlor - 64 Vegetable Market operating.

 Citizens hoard up - Supplies are to be met regularly - The Chief Minister along with 7 citizens from home quarantined overseas in the metros of the state.  like this .  Direct communication from the Dashboard's Publicity Center

 In the case of corona virus - Covid - 19, created as a result of the worldwide pandemic corona, citizens are safe and secure in their own homes.  Lockdown has been announced throughout the state till March 31, 2020.

Gujarat - provide free food to the poor 3 crore people will benefit from April 1st

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