The Finance Department's resolution made public the rules of payroll available to government employees for the purchase of vehicles. The maximum limit for the purchase of a motorcar will be Rs. 500000 / - (Rupees Five Lakhs) and the maximum limit for the purchase of a motorcycle / scooter / moped is Rs. 60000 / - (Rs. Sixty thousand) was made.

 Payroll rules available to employees for the purchase of a vehicle

 It was under the government's consideration to increase the cost of purchasing vehicles and to increase the limit of vehicle advance in view of the new pay scales of the Seventh Pay Commission. Following the careful consideration of the Government, the following instructions are made in respect of vehicle advance.

Transport Allownnce GR 2020 for Government Employee

1. Salary limit for vehicle advance (a) In any pay level of seven payroll matrix, Rs. Regular government employee receiving monthly salary of Rs. 50500 / - or more will be eligible to receive payment for purchase of motorcar. (B) In any of the payroll matrices of the 7th payroll, at any level Rs. Water will be available for purchase of motorcycle / scooter for regular government employee receiving monthly basic salary of Rs. 22,440 / -.

2. Maximum Vehicle Payable Available (a) Rs. 1000000 (Rs. 1 Lakh) or whichever is less than the expected cost of the motorcar, the amount will be payable as advance. (B) For purchase of motorcycle / scooter, Rs. 750000 / - or whichever is less than the expected cost of a motorcycle / scooter, the amount will be payable as cash advance.

3. Interest rate for vehicle advance | Deduction on cum (4) The interest rate fixed by the resolution of 9/4/2015 is fixed at 10% per annum for motorist advance and 9% for motorcycle / scooter advance. Unless there are any other orders regarding interest rate on vehicle advance, the said interest rate will remain in force.

4. Recovery of Vehicle Payments (a) The period for collection of motor vehicle advances should not exceed 80 monthly installments for the sum assured and 40 monthly installments for interest plus a total of 12 monthly installments. (A) The period for collection of motorcycle scooter advance should not exceed 60 monthly installments for 60 plus monthly installment and 24 monthly installments for interest.

5. Vehicle advancement will be available to a Government employee at least twice during the entire job (twice for a motorcar or twice for a motorcycle / scooter or once for a motorcar and once for a motorcycle / scooter). Once the vehicle has been paid and all the amount has been repaid, the vehicle will be eligible for a second time only.

6. Petrol / Diesel powered tricycle for persons with disabilities shall be considered as scooter / motorcycle for the purpose of payable under this resolution. In addition, the cost, including the modification made to the vehicle, should be taken into account for the purpose of vehicle advancement, taking into account the disability of a Divyang Government employee.

7. If the husband and wife are both government employees, the vehicle will be payable in a separate manner, regardless of the joint income of the two. Other terms of the resolution on cumulative (1) borrowings shall remain unchanged.
 In the case in which the case is pending approval, the decision will have to be made according to this resolution, in which case the order in which the order has been sanctioned will not be reconsidered. By the order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name.


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