The latest circular to keep all the information ready according to this check list in each school

vadodara jilla shiXaN samiti dvaara jila ni tamam prathmik school supervisor who is a child of ten children and has a list of ten children's checklist. Shala mulakat karnar darek vyaktie is a cheklist mujab mahiti bharva babate a paripatra karva avel.

The Gujarat State School Textbook Board, Gandhinagar, has organized the program to ensure that the value-added textbooks are readily available to all the standard 1 to 8 self-reliant schools in your state.  For this, District Distributors have been appointed in all the districts of the state.

 The Board has arranged that the textbooks of the self-reliant schools will be supplied by the distributors at cost-effective textbooks.  The gssstb of the congregation with this.  A list of the names, addresses and mobile numbers of the registered distributors of the district wise boards of the state is available on the online website.  Private - Depending on the requirement of textbooks for the self-reliant schools, they should be given to the District Distributor designated by the Board before 01-03-2020.

 Report the above details to all the self-employed schools in the district through the District Primary Education Officer and the Govt.  All arrangements have been made by the Board to ensure that the self-reliant school receives timely textbooks from its district distributor.

School Monitoring Checklist | Shala mulakat Checklist Bharva babat paripatra, Vadodata - 05/03/2020