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Circular of Banaskantha District on taking seriously the work done at the school level
 The state government is undergoing qualitative changes in primary education. Under the guidance of the Honorable Secretary Education Department, we will continue to give priority to the following issues to make primary education more dynamic.

1. It is important to take the unit tests taken at the school level properly, and to test them at the appropriate time.
2. After the unit test, re-tests should be taken as necessary. It is not found to be taken in many places which is not suitable which should be completed on time. Otherwise the responsibility of the person responsible for that will be denied.
3. Pragya approach is not given importance as required. Principal should keep a special watch to see if the Pragya approach is implemented.
4. S. C. E. The rollout needs to be updated from time to time. Does not seem to happen in many schools. Keeping updated on time.
5. If any school in the taluka is present online and the teacher is found absent in the school, he may be the Principal, Pay. The responsibility of the Head Teacher of the Center will be denied.
6. Examination and Annual Examination Question Papers should be checked in accordance with the circular other than the school itself which it is paying. Center At. Sh. Shri will have to distribute the question papers for verification. If it is misapplied at the time, then pay. Center At. Sh. The responsibility of Shri.
7. Std. In 1 and 2, it is prescribed to carry out intensive therapeutic teaching work as per the intensive therapeutic teaching work.
8. All Pay Center At. Sh. Mr. as well as C. R . C. Co. O Shri has taken the unit test, re-examination, paper check, mirror book, s in schools in his area of ​​work. C. E. The rollout is properly time-tested. Which wise Pay Center At. Sh. Mr. as well as C. R . C. Shri has dealt with certification in different ways. Please keep sending before 11:00 hrs on 14/03/2020. ૯. All s. like this . C. The meeting of is not called on time. Also, in many schools, this wise meeting is not called.
10. To our knowledge, many schools do not appear to be organized. Despite the 1 hour instruction - 30 minutes the card seems set. Take this matter seriously and make proper planning.
11. According to the report sent here at the Command and Control Center, Dawa, there are differences in the marks in the unit tests in many schools. To take it very seriously.
12. In writing to the office, if any other person or para-teacher is doing special work for any teacher in this taluka in view of recent incidents as per the approach of the Government. As well as pay center. Sh. Mr. & c. R . C. Verify and keep submitting a certificate. Otherwise action will be taken against the responsible person.
13. According to the letter of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Banaskantha S. T P. If Balmitra is doing academic work instead of any teacher, he will have the sole responsibility of the principal of the school.
Thus at all of the above points. Sh. Auditors should keep a personal note to verify the performance. Otherwise, any action will be taken on these matters during the visit of anyone at that time. So its the direct responsibility of that school. Sh. Shri as well as Pay Center At. Sh. Will remain private. Which is said to be taken seriously.


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