Adhar Enable DISE (UDISE) ma STD 1 thi 12 Na Students ni Kamgiri karva babat SSA no Letter

Adhar Enable DISE (UDISE) ma STD 1 thi 12 Na Students ni Kamgiri karva babat SSA no Letter. MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi) for the students studying in Std. 1 to 12 to work for 2020-21 under Aadhar Enabled DISE as per the instruction received from the Government of India.  D and create a database of information including the name.  Under this, the information of students studying in Std. 1 to 8 from the year 2012-13 and all the students studying in Std. 9 to 12 from the year 2017-18 through the Aadhaar Able Dias Portal got true, accurate, error free, real time and up to date information from school level.  For the purpose of online entry / update, tracking is done every year from the school level.

 Under which up-to-date information including names of students studying in Std-1 to 12 for the year 2020-21 has to be prepared.  This operation is used by the entire education to re-enroll the students who have dropped out of school, to provide assistance to the disabled students, to provide scholarships, online entry of Std-2 Diagnosis Test Student Learning Outcome and Periodical Assessment Test (PAT), online entry of subject wise marks as per semester.  This data for doing and online attendance is taken only from Aadhaar Enable Dias, so the operation of Aadhaar Enabled Dias has been successful.

 Pursuant to the year 2020-21, all the schools in the state affiliated to the Board other than the Government Granted / Central / Ashram / Private as well as the Gujarat Board have to perform the following activities at the school level under Aadhaar and Dial for students studying in Std-1 to 12.


 (1) Entry of newly admitted students in Std-1,

 (2) To update the information of students enrolled in the year 2019-20 for the year 2020-21 and

 (3) In the year 2020-21, information of standard 1 to 12 students from other schools should be obtained and the standard in which they are studying should be tracked.

 As per the target of CRS and SRS report in the year 2020, entry of target children eligible for admission in standard 1 will have to be done in Aadhaar Enabled Dias.

 In addition, students who have gone from Std-5 to Std-6, Std-8 to Std-9 and Std-10 to Std-11 are also enrolled in the same school or other school from which school the child is going.  Will have to be done.

 If a child of Std-8 and Std-10 who has gone for vocational education, ITI etc. instead of enrolling in another school from that school, has to show the details in the Remarks column of online update and if he has dropped out, then the reason has to be given.

 The list of schools which are yet to generate unique IDs of children in Std. 2 to Std. 12 should be verified and the list of schools should be sent to the office here in EXCEL, such schools should be opened for new entry.  The District Project Coordinator will have to get the report from the District MIS Coordinator on a daily basis.  As well as understanding the importance of this operation, you are asked to plan from your level in such a way that this operation is completed immediately.

Adhar Enable DISE (UDISE) ma STD 1 thi 12 Na Students ni Kamgiri karva babat SSA no Letter

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