Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran Babat Niyamak sir & Deputy Section Officer - Gandhinagar na Letter

Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran Babat Niyamak sir & Deputy Section Officer - Gandhinagar na Letter. Due to frequent representations by the State Teachers' Association for higher pay scale of Gujarat Primary Teachers, the office bearers of the Association have been called for a meeting by the Department of Primary Education to discuss the matter. The meeting will discuss all issues related to higher pay scale and 4200 grade pay as well as the consideration of the state government.

Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran Babat

Government of Gujarat Electricity Bill Waiver Scheme Official Letter | The state government will pay the bill up to 100 units. Letter from Gujarat Department of Energy and Petrochemicals regarding relief in electricity bill to the electricity consumers of Henank under "Gujarat Atmanirbhar Package"

(1) Resolution of the Finance Department dated 05-06-2020: "Lockdown" orders have been issued by the Central Government and the State Government due to the extraordinary situation arising out of Corona virus (COVID-19). In this regard, to help the power consumers of the state, relief has been given by the resolution of the department dated 27-06-2020 and thereafter dated 11-05-2020 as well as dated 07-05-2020.

Gujarat Self-Reliance Package has been announced with the resolution dated 05-06-2020 against the number (1) taken by the Finance Department to revive the economy of the state after the closure of trade / business / industry by the state government. .

In which it has also been announced to give relief in electricity bills to the electricity consumers of the state. The information / route given under the heading of property tax, electricity bill and vehicle waiver and concessions to relieve electricity consumers from electricity bill at 6% price as on 05-06-2020 against the number (1) taken by the Finance Department. Issue No. 4 is as follows:

"Consumers who consume less than 200 units of electricity will be exempted from the one-time electricity bill of 100 units.

As a result, about 900,000 electricity consumers in the state will get the benefit of Rs 900 crore electricity bill waiver. The modus operandi in this regard was under consideration.

It is therefore decided to carry out the following procedure in the matter presented by the State Government at the end of the above consideration.

(1) Multiply the difference between the last meter reading before the lockdown and the first meter reading after that by calculating the power consumption per day for 30 days. If the power consumption is 200 units per month or less then the customer is given one time relief. Will be eligible for and such electricity customers will be eligible for exemption of maximum 100 units and one month feed charge.

Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran Babat Niyamak sir & Deputy Section Officer - Gandhinagar na Letter

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