Dhoran 9 Thi 12 na Vidhyarthio mate Purak Sahitya (Exemplar) Aapva Babat SSA no Letter

Dhoran 9 Thi 12 na Vidhyarthio mate Purak Sahitya (exemplar) Aapva Babat SSA no Letter. Subject: Regarding the issue of supplementary literature (exemplar) for the students of Std. 9th to 12th. 

Therefore, students are being imparted education at home through various mediums under home learning program.  In the current situation, if the student is given supplementary literature along with the textbook, then the students can stay at home and practice more. 

For this purpose, Gujarat State School Textbook Board, Gandhinagar has prepared Std.  Softcopy of Supplementary Literature (Exemplary) of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics in 9th and 10th Mathematics-Science subjects and Std-11 and 12 Science streams in PDF format as per the syllabus of that month is sent by the office here on the first Saturday of every month.  Is.

 The research is accompanied by a softcopy (PDF) of the August Supplementary Literature (Exemplar) attached herewith.  Softcopy of this supplementary literature (PDF) is requested to be distributed to the students of Std: 9 and 10 and Std.11 and 12 (Science stream) through El / SVS / QDC / BRC / CRC and teachers.  Students are requested to make necessary arrangements for proper guidance on the use of this literature

According to Vande Mataram, with reference to the above subject and context: At present, students across the state cannot come to school due to the Kovid-19 global epidemic.  Given the current situation, the situation could be similar for the next two to three months.

 Not all children seem to be enrolled in the current situation.  Also, the families living outside the village for work are currently going to their hometowns and they are also coming to Gujarat to get admission of their children in schools. They are also getting admission in government schools from private schools.  At present it is not possible to get complete information about the number of students. 

So that the setup is considered one month after the state schools open or the same setup of last year is implemented in the current year.  Please take appropriate decision in this matter and inform that department.  Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat .

Dhoran 9 Thi 12 na Vidhyarthio mate Purak Sahitya (exemplar) Aapva Babat SSA no Letter

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