STP Class Chalu Karva Babat Paripatra - Mehsana

Special Training Program (STP) Varg/Class 2020-21 ma Chalu Rakhva Babat Paripatra Mehsana Jilla Shikshan Samiti Dvara Aa Letter karva ma Aavel che.

Regarding the above subject and context-1 and 2, stating that, under the entire Education Access & Retention, special training classes for out-of-school children in the age group of 6 to 14 years are conducted under SMC.

 Powered by  STP for out-of-school children in the year 2019-2020.  Classes were working.  These classes are also closed due to the closure of schools due to Kovid-19. Home learning concept is currently working by the education department.  As well as M.H.R.D.

  Is reported for Remedial Teaching and Continuing Learning so that students do not miss out on education.  Taking these details into consideration, the working ST for the year 2018-2020.  P.  Special training class home learning, out-of-school children's survey enrollment and SMC related to continue from August 2020 to the academic session by following the guideline of COVID-19 through parents contact.

  Is asked to report.  Honorary salary of child friends for these classes is Rs.  Will be paid and a list of the classes in which home learning was conducted in this regard as well as detailed information along with the contact number will be provided to the BRC.  To be sent by 24/08/2020 with the certification of COO.

Subject: - Regarding the program of "Teacher's Day" on 5 September 2020.  Dear Sir, You are well aware that every year Pami September is celebrated as "Teacher's Day".  This year also, on the day of Pami September 2020, it is requested to take the following action in your district regarding the program on the occasion of "Teacher's Day".

 Due to the covID-19 situation in the current year, as per the order received by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, the program could not be held at the state level at present.  Is stated.

 Certificates to be given for state level awards, brass plates for school, shawls, scarves and drafts of prize money will be given by the office here.

 Grants for district and taluka level rewards will be allotted by the office here. Out of this grant, the expenses of the rewards program will have to be arranged from the district level.

 My Honorable Governor, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Hon'ble Minister of Education and Hon.  The Minister of State for Education will be present and provide guidance.

 At least members should be present by the local celebration committee for the Teacher's Day program, maintaining social distance, making the program a success.

 The proposed outline of the program will be informed later as the program has been approved to be conducted through Byseg this year.

 Organize the Teacher's Day program according to the guidance received from the local celebration committee and considering the geographical, historical, cultural and economic situation of your district.

 During the Teacher's Day program, it is aimed to collect maximum contribution for each district on the occasion of Teacher's Day and to keep this in view, to organize a program to collect maximum contribution.

 The work of collecting this contribution can be kept for one week starting from 5th September, Teacher's Day.

 The amount of contribution collected during this program should be credited in the following details.

STP Class Chalu Karva Babat Paripatra - Mehsana

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