Inspire Award Scheme (MANAK) | Online Nomination For 2020-21 Under Revamped Inspire Award -MANAK

 Inspire Award Scheme (MANAK) Paripatra 2020 | Online Nomination For 2020-21 Under Revamped Inspire Award -MANAK. 

Compliments to the above subject and reference to state that online school registration and nomination for the year 2020-21 under INSPIRE Award Scheme - MANAK has started from 1st June 2020. This requires all schools to complete the registration and nomination process.

This has also been discussed in the VC with the Principal. Accordingly, NIF has come to provide information on On Line nominations for 2020 21 through video meetings with diet science advisors and BRCs, CRCs and teachers of the district. Ta. By 16-09-2020 a very small number of student nominations from across the state have been received by the State Authority which have been forwarded to the National Authority. Accordingly, the Government of India has recently published a list of the top 10 states in the country. Which does not include our state.

Pursuant to this, on 30/09/2020, on-line nominations by all the schools included in the CRC are planned to be coordinated with the DEODPEO v. Govt.

Subject: - Matter of making an entry on the website of the activities carried out during the nutrition month September under the nutrition campaign. Congratulations to the research on the above topic that we have decided to celebrate with the theme of "Poshan Mah 2020 Sahi Poshan Desh Roshan".

As per the discussion held in the video conference on 29/12/2020, it has been asked to carry out the activity of developing kitchen gardens in the schools for the celebration of Nutrition Month 2020 in the year 2020-21. Details about Kitchen Garden http: // pussharnablisanEvy ', are requested to login to the website from district / taluka level and login (district / taluka username and password form is included).

It is necessary to make an entry on the statistics website reflecting the excellent work done in developing the kitchen garden at the taluka / school level in your district. The Kitchen Garden development activity is said to be maximized during September 2022 and to be entered on the website.

Inspire Award Scheme (MANAK) Paripatra 2020 | Online Nomination For 2020-21 Under Revamped Inspire Award -MANAK. 


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