The Gujarat State Government has issued a detailed official circular regarding the agricultural relief package. In it, all the details about the benefit scheme for the farmers have been shown in detail.

 Announces "Krushi Rahat Package" for crop loss due to heavy rains in kharif crop year 2020 in August
  •  Know who will benefit?
  •  How and where to apply?
  •  What documents will be required?
  •  What to do if there is a joint account holder?

 Etc. For additional information download the circular from the link given below and know all the details.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India is implementing the Central Sector Scheme with a view to achieving the main objective of online training for the Khelo India National Fitness Program for Khelo India Fitness Assessment for School Going Children indist all.  That is, "Khelo India" is a national program for the development of sports, under which the Khelo India Mobile Application (KIMA) has been developed by the Sports Authority of India to assess the physical health of school going children across the country.

 Khelo India Mobile Application (KIMA) will provide Fitness Assessment Report Card for the youth class of India as well as Physical Fitness Assessment E25 students of all students going to school (Std-1 to 12).  

Dimensions for Fitness Assessment:
 The following parameters / fitness activities will be taken into consideration while assessing the children under this scheme in their respective age groups.

Standard-1 to 3 (5 to 8 years)
Standard - 4 to 12 (9 to 18 years) 1.
 BMI (anatomy)

 1. BMI (Body Composition)
 2. Flamingo Test (Fixed Balance)
 2. 50 m.  Standing start (speed),
 3. Plate Tapping Test (Co-ordination Test)
 3.600 m.  Running / Walking (Cardio - Vacular Endurance)
 4. Seat and Reach (Flexibility)
 5. Partial Curl Up 30 Seconds (Core Strength)
 6. Push Ups (Boys) Modified Push Ups for Girls (Muscular Endurance)

Role of schools: The academic year started from June 2020. Due to the current Corona epidemic, it is not possible to call students to schools for educational work.  So that the Sports Authority of India and the entire Shiksha, Gujarat has organized the following Online Training of Trainer Program (TOT) for the principals of the schools under Khelo India as well as the nodal spot tier of the school.

 In addition, e-certificate will be given to Sports Authority of India and the entire Shiksha, Gujarat Principal / Nodal Sports Teacher.  The principal of the school as well as the nodal sports teacher of the school who are yet to be registered should immediately register on the following link.

 up pga slot yet is told to do.  In addition, you can contact the Sports Authority of India on the following number for information and problems under the above program.

Krushi Rahat Package | Gujarat State Government has issued an official circular regarding Krushi Rahat package

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