Home Learning Purak Sahitya PDF For Std-12| Download Homework With Answer key. There is a learning program started by Gujarat Education Department for students of Std. 3 to 12, which is called "Home Learning Program". It is broadcast by Doordarshan's TV channel DD Girnar. The video can also be viewed on the DIKSHA portal. This is a very good collaboration between SSA and GCERT for students to study online at home.

Std-12 purak Sahitya PDF September Month

Ghare Shikhie Adhyayan Nishpattio Std-5 (Learning Outcomes) : Std 3 to 8 Ghare Shikhiye Book Nishpatti kram PDF Download. Std-8 Ghare Shikhie All Activity Videos | Study From Home PDF. Ghare Shikhie is an educational program started by Gujarat Education Department for Std. 1 to 8 students to study at home. Under this, a book of ghare shikhiye Activities has also been given to the students by GCERT. Different activities are given in this book. For guidance and help, videos of all these activities have been prepared here by the teachers. Which will be very useful.

SSA Homework PDF for 3 to 9 is provided. Weekly Learning Material has been launched under the "Study from Home" campaign. This homework is given to all students so that students can continue their studies at home even when lockdown is declared across the country.

Subject - "COVID - 19 Preparation and video conferencing on WASH compliance in schools, self-education and school hygiene coefficient application Various activities and programs are being carried out by the Ministry of MHRD

Government of India under" Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya ".  The collaboration will launch "COVID-19 e-module for readiness and WASH compliance self-education in schools and school hygiene coefficient application.  A video conference has been organized by the office here under the guidance of Hon'ble State Project Director for the program which can be properly planned and implemented in all the schools of the state. 

Home Learning Purak Sahitya PDF For Std-12 | Download Homework With Answer key

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