UNLOCK-5.0 (Re Open) guideline in Gujarati, Hindi & English

UNLOCK-5.0 (Re Open) new guideline : The cinema hall will open from October 15. The decision to open the schools will be taken later.

Unlock 5.0 Rules: : To open cinema houses and multiplexes with capacity up to 50%. Social, cultural and religious gatherings that can be attended by more than 100 people in the state will also be allowed.

Unlock 5.0 Guidelines in Gujarati : A decision will be taken on whether to open schools / colleges in all the states and union territories of the country from October 15. Cinemas and multiplexes in all the states will also be allowed to open with 50% capacity from the 15th, according to the new Unlock 5.0 guidelines released by the Home Ministry on 30/09/2020. Limits for outdoor gatherings and religious functions have also been removed at a capacity of 50%. Social, religious gatherings inside the suicidal home will also be allowed.

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A decision will be taken on whether to open schools / colleges from October 15 in all the states and Union Territories of the country. While all cinemas and multiplexes will be allowed to open from the 15th even with a capacity of 50%. This is stated in the new Unlock 0.5 guideline published by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday evening, 30/09/2020. Limits on outdoor social and religious gatherings with a capacity of 50% have also been removed as per the new guideline and indoor family gatherings will be allowed.

The Re Open Guide, which will be implemented from 15 October 2020, also states that PhD and postgraduate students in science and technology - who may need to go to the lab and work - may be open, When the decision to open all the colleges in the country will be considered with him. The advice of the Ministry of Home Affairs will be reviewed by the Department of Higher Education.

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According to the new guideline by MHA, the limit on both outdoor and indoor gatherings has been relaxed. MHA said that now all the State / UT Governments have been directed to allow religious, social and other gatherings beyond the limit of 100 persons outside the content zone after 15th October 2020.

However, according to the rules, there is also a warning that in gatherings for indoor spaces, the gathering should not exceed 50% of the capacity of the hall or more than 200 people. When it comes to outdoor events, the size of the ground must also be taken into account as per the guidelines, although the MHA has not made the roof mandatory for it. In both such cases, masks, social distance and other covid protocols must be taken into account as per the guidelines.

According to the new unlock rules presented, "only when the MHA approves" the only thing that is completely prohibited (external contingency zone) is left.

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