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Christmas, or Christmas, is a Christian holiday.  This day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This day is celebrated every year on 25th December, but in real sense this day is not considered as the birthday of Jesus.

5000+ Rangoli Designs - A Super Big Collection of Rangoli Festival Special

Mega collection of more than 5 thousand special rangoli designs for all the upcoming festivals.  India is a festive country.  Different social and religious festivals are celebrated here.  India is also a non-sectarian country where people of different religions live together.  All these people celebrate the festivals of their respective religions with great fanfare.

 Making rangoli in such festivals is similar to an Indian tradition.  Large beautiful rangolis are made in big restaurants, hotels, gardens, gatherings, temples. People also decorate their personal homes with rangolis.

 Here is a large collection of rangoli designs with the intention of being useful in making rangoli and put in the form of a PDF file.  Seeing which you can make your favorite rangoli.  This PDF can be downloaded from the following link.

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Navaratri is a festival of dance and singing enthusiasm of Indians.In India, especially for the Gujarati, it is a great honor to enjoy the life of Navaratri.Every citizen of India enjoys this festival which lasted nine days. In one sentence, for the Indians, Navratri means fun and fun ... and fun.

   There is also an important importance of Navaratri. Navaratri is considered a festival of energy. In these nine days, nine different forms of mata are worshiped. With worshipe, there is a trend of manifesting happiness, Which is called garba.

What is the importance of playing garba?

   As soon as Navratri arrives, preparations are being made in every village-village and every city of India. Garba is danced with pomp. In order to sing songs in Garba, today's famous singers are invited by paying a lot of service fees. Singers entertain people all night and people are not tired of wearing them on their songs.Navaratri's nine nights are the same joy. The trend of Garba has increased so much that those who do not even relate to Hindu religion or those who do not even know the meaning of Navratri do not miss the benefits of entertainment from Garba.

Garba is sung to please Goddess Mata.

   Thus, in every village of India, the garba and street lanes enjoy the garba. But as soon as someone takes the name of garba, the first thing in mind in mind is that of Indian state Gujarat.The embroidered brassiere, the beautiful scarf ladies and men in the long kurti and dhoti, it is a traditional cover of garba. Garba is famous in Gujaratis.

   Talk about an assumption, it is said that in all nine nights of Navratri, dance is done to please the Goddess Mata. In fact, in the Hindu beliefs, dance has been described as a path of devotion and sadhana for years. 

Garba - a holy dance

   This is the first auspicious dance. But besides In Garba dance, clapping, pinch, khangri, danda or dandiya and manjira etc. are used to give rhythm or rhythm. Women dance together in groups. In this period, the songs of the Goddess are sung. 

History of Garba

   Well, the history of Garba is about 70 years old. This freedom is also ahead of India too.  Garba dance used to be the pride of the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan and if there was garba in any other place then it was only for entertainment and that too by the Gujaratis. When the Gujarati people started to come out of their state, the Garba dance tradition also reached them in other states. In today's era, Garba is considered to be one of the world's famous dances. Now this is no ordinary or ordinary dance. This garba dance is promoted all over the world.

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