10% school composite grant no upayog sanitation and cleaning of corona mate karva babat

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10% સ્કુલ કમ્પોઝીટ ગ્રાન્ટનો વોશ ઇન સ્કૂલ અંતર્ગત ઉપયોગ બાબત pdf Use of 10% of school composite grant for sanitation and cleaning of corona

Reference regarding use of 10% 'Composite School Grant' to meet hygiene related facilities and WASH related requirements under 'Wash in School' program:

 MHRD - A guide to overall education implementation provided by the Government of India

 Under the Integrated Scheme for School Education "Whole Education", one-time composite school grants are allotted for the construction and maintenance of infrastructural and necessary facilities in schools.

 Under this scheme there is a provision to allocate composite school grant to schools from Rs.10,000 / - to Rs.1,00,000 / - per annum depending on the number of students enrolled, of which Rs.1000 / - to Rs.10,000 / - at 10%.  .

 Guidelines for the use of grants for the WASH in School program under the Composite SchoolGrant:

 At least 10% of the composite school grant allotted to schools needs to be used to promote the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, for hygiene related (WASH) facilities and to meet WASH related requirements.


 If the drinking water and hand washing facility is non-functioning, to make necessary improvements or repairs so that the entire unit can be functional.

 Slogan / scary pictures needed to show things like clean water, clean and safe toilet and hand washing with soap

 Repair of taps / pipelines for drinking as well as hand washing, sanitation and ensuring availability of water in toilets.  Water tank repairs and cleaning at least 2 times a year

 Necessary minor repairs to the rainwater harvesting facility available in the school

 If other essential needs become available, the drinking water facility may need to be adjusted in height to make the baby useful.


 To clean the drainage system

 To clean the school premises and to buy a dustbin

 To purchase a separate dustbin for disposal of sanitary waste in the school lobby, in the classroom and in the girls toilet.

 To repair toilet doors and faucets to maintain safety in the toilet

 Repairing broken tiles in toilets To make the toilet facility child friendly small civil works such as mesh or handles, installation of grab bars for CWSN, installation of wash basin and adjustment of toilet height

 To purchase sanitary napkins for contingency need

 Toilet Cleaner, Phenyl, Soap, Surf, Hand Sanitizer, Surface Disinfectant / Bleach, Lime Powder, Sweeper, Bucket & Tub in Mug Toilet Unit

 Hand wash with soap:

 To provide soap and water for hand washing according to the number of students (space for hand washing for 10 students)

 Separate facility for hand washing soap in the following places in case of special need

 Lunch place: Wash hands before and after meals Near the toilet: Wash hands after use

 M.D.M.  To provide sanitizilicid soap to students and staff in schools which do not have space for hand washing facility for hand washing before, during and after preparing meals for cooks and assistants.  Each of the schools will have to strictly implement the instructions given from

સ્કૂલ કમ્પોઝિટ ગ્રાન્ટનો 10% ભાગ કોરોના સેનીટાઈશેન અને સફાઈ માટે વાપરવા બાબત

10% school composite grant no upayog sanitation and cleaning of corona mate karva babat

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