Adhar Enrollment Kamgiri Covid-19 ni Paristhiti ne Dhyane Rakhi karva Babat

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Office of the Director of Primary Education, Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gujarat, Gandhinagar on 23-03-2021.  From, District Primary Education Officer, all.  Govt. Officer, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat.  Subject: Matter of conducting Aadhaar registration keeping in view the situation of COVID-19.

 Pursuant to the above subject and context, to state that, during the academic year: 2020-21, Aadhaar enrollment and biometric updation of children studying in Gujarat State schools has been started.  But in view of the present situation, a letter from UIDAI New Delhi for the implementation of covID-19 vaccination program has given instructions to do some work related to Aadhaar registration.  Their instructions will have to be given top priority.

 1 According to a letter from UIDAI, New Delhi, an Empowered Group on Vaccine Administration for covIb-19 was formed by the Government of India and a discussion was held on 23-01-2021 between the Secretary of State for Health for the implementation of coVID-19 vaccination program.  According to this discussion, coVID-19 vaccination registration will be linked to the mobile number with OTP support.  Therefore, during the vaccination process of coVID-19, the process of leaking mobile number with Aadhaar was discussed.

 1. As per the report of UIDAI in the state of Gujarat 6.47.  4.2 out of people.  (67%) mobile number leaked with people's support.  And

 2.14 c.  (33%) is left to link mobile number with public support.  So for the vaccination of covID-19, the process of linking the mobile number with the support of the remaining residents including children has to be started

 3. As per the report of UIDAI, 1.64 c.  An estimated 1.44 c (87) of children have undergone Mandatory Biometric Update.  And Mandatory Biometric Update of the remaining children.  In July 2019-20, 3 base kits have been purchased by the office here.

 All these support kits will have to be started in camp mode at CRC, BRCs / schools level and 100% completion of Mandatory Biometric Update of children left due to covIb-19.

 4. In order to carry out Aadhaar work on the basis of 3 Aadhaar kits allotted to a total of 8 kits per taluka by the office here, all the CRC BRCs / schools of the taluka have to carry out Aadhaar enrollment and updation work keeping in view the guideline and form given as per reference letter 4.  Enclosure: As above.  That.  Raval) Deputy Director of Education G.R. Gandhinagar

Adhar Enrollment Kamgiri Covid-19 ni Paristhiti ne Dhyane Rakhi karva Babat

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