Holi Dhuleti 2021 ni Ujavni Babat Gujarat Gruh Vibhag no Paripatra

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Holi - a matter of celebrating the festival of dust.  Sir, in connection with the above subject, to state that Holi festival will be celebrated on March 28, 2021 and Dhuleti festival will be celebrated on March 29, 2021.  Under normal circumstances, people gather in large numbers on society, streets, nakas, public places, open fields and roads to celebrate the Holi-Dhuleti festival.  Coronal infection is likely to increase as large numbers of people congregate.

 Therefore, considering the current situation of COVID-19 prevailing in the state, Holi can be lit with a traditionally limited number of people in connection with the Holi festival as well as with the circumambulation of Holi - as well as religious ceremonies.  But the organizers will have to be careful not to gather crowds during the Holi-Dahan program and strictly follow the existing guidelines regarding Koro.

 In addition, public celebrations and mass events will not be allowed on Dhuleti Day.  It is requested to take necessary action including giving instructions to the concerned for strict implementation of the above instructions.

Shani Ravi Temaj Tahevar na Divaso Darmiyan Zero Taas (Class) Leva Babat Dang Jilla Sixanadhikari shree no Paripatra

Subject- Matter of taking zero hours during Sat-Sun and festival holidays .. Mahoshay, Jayabharat co.  So the syllabus of each subject was reduced to 70%. 

 After completing this course, in order to make the children repeat as much as possible, Zero Hour was organized in the schools during Saturday-Sunday and festive holidays, the time sheet of which has to be submitted to the office here.  

District Education Officer Ahwa Dang has to take care not to spoil the study

Introduction: With the resolution of this section on the number (1) taken from the reading, for the preparation of competitive examination of class-1, class-2 and class-2 conducted by Gujarat Public Service Commission, Rs.  20,000 / - or the actual fee to be paid whichever is less is the plan to pay the assistance directly to the student's bank account as Direct Assistance (DBT).  4, from the resolution dated 07/12017 of this section on the number (2) taken from the reading, UPSC.  / GPSC  , State Commission, Bank LIC  Rs.20,000 / - per student or indeed Rs. 

Title of the document

Holi Dhuleti 2021 ni Ujavni Babat paripatra

 The plan is to pay the fee whichever is less directly in the student's bank account as Direct Assistance (DBT).  3.  At present, coaching assistance is given to the socially and educationally backward class students for the training of Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) Class-I, Class-I and Class-II Competitive Examination.  Along with (1) Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board (GSSSB), (2) State Police Recruitment, (3) Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board (GPSB) etc. 

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