School Time April ma Morning Karva Babat News

School Time April ma Morning Karva ni Mang Babat News Report Vanchva Layak. Gujarat Primary Schools Time  April-2021 Babat Paripatra (All Districts)

Subject: - Circular regarding school hours in primary schools. To inform the survey under the above subject that the date mentioned in the context.  From the letter dated 08/02/2021, the list of holidays for the year 2021 was decided in the primary schools of District Education Committee Hartak in Dahod district. 

Title of the document

Morning School Time News

 In this list, Dat.  Dated from 01/04/2021.  During 30/06/2021 school time was reported to be in the morning.  But at present, till further notice, school hours are kept as per routine in all the primary schools under the District Education Committee.  This is reported in all primary schools and strict implementation is advised

6 to 8 Uchch Prathmik ma Vikalp 2021 Babat Paripatra - Jillo Tapi. Upper Primary Vikalp Paripatra 2021 Mate Aapva ma Aavel Chhe. Jema Dhoran 1 thi 5 na Lower Primary Shikshako Upper Primary 6 thi 8 ma Java Magta Hoy teni Darkhast Arji Mokli Aapva Babat Aa Letter karel 6.

No. Dist.  / Education / Makam / Primary  / Option / Vashi District Panchayat Office, Education Committee Tapi - Vyara, Ta.  From 30/06/2071, Taluka Primary Education Officer, Taluka Panchayat Office, Vyara, Dolvan, Valod, Songadh, Uchhal, Nizar, Kukarmunda, Dist.  Tapi.  

Subject: - Matter of sending a proposal to accept the option of primary teachers.  Reference - Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar Letter No. Prashini / K - Policy / 2031 / / 12-9, Ta  11/01/2001 Regarding the above subject, to state that, Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar, 

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