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21 lakh middle class families in Gujarat will get groceries at the rate of Rs 2 for APL-1 card holders

This is a unique gift from the Chief Minister to 21 lakh middle class families in the state of Gujarat. This is an important announcement made by the Gujarat government for the middle class

Free foodgrains will also be provided to 61 lakh APL families in May.
What grain will you get this time?
When will the delivery take place?
Read the official press note from the link below for full details.

This distribution is dated. It will air on May 9th and May 1st. Commitment to health care of 5 lakh beneficiary-families of Maa Vatsalyam-Maa Amtram Yojana has been fixed.

Maa Vatsalyama - With the benefit of Maa Amrutam, any member of the family is admitted to the hospital under Operation-Certified. The state government will bear the cost of testing the cores to be taken during treatment in the present condition.

A photo-essay-poetry competition will be organized for school-college students. District-State level Rs. Five to Rs. 25,000 The government will reward the market

Motivating people to unite against virus infection and motivating people to fight against the virus. Announcing this important gift in the state, he said that about 31 lakh middle class APL-1 card holders in the state i.e. Rs. May 8th. May 1 5 During this period, 10 kg of wheat per family, 2 kg of rice, 1 kg of hair and 1 kg of free grain pits will be provided to government approved grain shops.
The Chief Minister said that in the current situation of the state, no citizen should go to bed with a lion. This importance has been revealed. The cost of distribution of this grain is Rs. The state government will provide Rs 200 crore. The Chief Minister also handed over 3 lakh families with Maa-Vatsalyam and Maa-Amatru scheme cards.

In addition to the provision of health care kits, another gift is the rehabilitation of these families.

Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has publicly stated that the beneficiaries of this Maa-Vatsalya Ma-Amatru scheme are not allowed to perform any surgical surgery on anyone in the family. During a coronavirus infection, the patient has to be hospitalized for preterm delivery. The state government will also bear the full cost of the test, which is the cost of taking the test. The Chief Minister is Shri Parishir, Sannisilara and the four heads of the Vanyatyakar class. Establishment of 30th Gaju Rath in the name of Dhuparedar under the direction of Gaju Raneshu Sasan at Aadharbhutam.
These statements are in honor of the day. Shri Vijaybhai Rupani at 30th Gaju Rargauri at the stable site of existing corona virus infection. It was also decided that every day in the fight against Corona there would be a Yorgan Rikpreder of every Gaju Rari.

The Chief Minister has appealed to all the citizens of the state in this regard, Gaju Rarthi’s day decides that when he goes out of the house, he wears a head scarf, and social networking is essential.

21 lakh middle class families in Gujarat will get groceries at the rate of Rs 2 for APL-1 card holders

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