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About us...

Hello friends... welcome to My website RDRathod.in  Friends will place education related information here...In which...  
   All information related to primary education, all forms of school and education, and its format, (Axel and MS Word file)

School Principal :
 All information for the administration of school administration, principal's duties and operations, all the documentation and files for the administration. (Computer Rise Acel and MS Word File Format), all circulars

For teachers :
 Useful information for primary and secondary school teachers as well as useful materials ... in which information related to materials for classroom work, all circulars, test paper - unit test, information relating to change and circulars, online changes ...

Students :
 Information related to study and materials for primary and secondary school students, including textbooks, experiments, projects, test papers, unit tests etc.

Apart from this, more information is put here.

-> All news related to education
-> Classroom Time Table.
-> Useful formatting / files for crc-brc
-> Government Schemes Information
-> ccc, cpf, income tax, and other all information

Friends visit this RDRathod.in website for any information related to your education...

Author :
 author of this website is RAKESH RATHOD

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