Free foodgrains will be distributed to BPL, APL, NFSA and NON NFSA card holders from May 17.

Free foodgrains will be distributed to BPL, APL, NFSA and NON NFSA card holders from May 17.. Rations will be distributed to APL cardholders in the district from May 18 in Ahmedabad. That has been announced. A timetable with dates for distribution of foodgrains to NFSA ration card holders has also been announced. Wheat, rice, lentils, sugar and salt were all distributed in the month of April. Now it will also be given in the month of May. In addition, NFSA card holders will be provided an additional three and a half kg of wheat and one and a half kg of rice as per the plan of the Government of India.

Distribution of the entire ration will be completed from May 17 to May 27. Distribution will be based on the last digit of the ration card number. Any foodgrains distributed from 17th to 27th will not be distributed in Ahmedabad city. Ration will also be given to middle class people of Ahmedabad city to APL card holders between 18th and 23rd.

Official Circular - Letter of Gujarat Government on free ration of ration card holders in April - 2020. Free receivable quantity brackets per person. Official list of the amount of ration card holders are eligible to receive

April 2020 ma Lock downna karane Gujarat rajyana tama loko ke Jemni pase rashan card chhe. Teva tamam loko ne Free of Rashan Aapva babate Gujarat Government dvara Jaherat karva ma Aavel chhe. Ane Tena Mate Official Letter pan karva ma Aavel chhe. Vadhu vigato mate Letter vancho.

Today's Health Department Official Press Note. Official statistics of Corona World, India and Gujarat
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  • Important instructions to the public
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 Includes guidelines and videos for how to survey and make entries.  The first thing to do is to give priority to persons from abroad and then to ensure that all the population is surveyed.

 The list of persons from overseas is available in the dashboard and field workers' mobiles in the district, and includes a guideline for the work done under it.

 Micro planning for the survey will be done by the Chief District Health Officer in all the districts and the Medical Officer of Health in the corporation.

 The survey will consist of a team of two persons in which one employee will be writing paramedical staff and one employee will be writing non-paramedical staff.

 Paramedical staff includes FHW, MPHW and ASHA sisters.

 The non-para medical staff will have to retain the education staff, anganwadi worker or other department employee.

 The co-ordination of this program will be done by the Collector and the Municipal Commissioner in the Corporation in each district.  - The suspected cases found during the survey will have to be entered in the OPD module by the Medical Officer.  (guideline and video will be made available).

 All district will have to have intensive supervision under survey by the Chief District Health Officer and Medical Officers Health in the corporation.

 If you have any questions regarding the Taco Plus application you should contact the Taco Coordinator in the district or contact

Free foodgrains will be distributed to BPL, APL, NFSA and NON NFSA card holders from May 17.

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